Opposition MPs statements can be seen as threats to the President -Teixeira

PPP/C Candidate Gail Teixeira
Presidential Advisor, Gail Teixeira
Presidential Adviser, Gail Teixeira

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Presidential Adviser on Governance, Gail Teixeira has condemned the statements made by Opposition Members in Parliament, stating that some of the utterances were distasteful, unacceptable and can be seen a threats to the Head of State.

Following the President’s proclamation to prorogue Parliament, the combined Opposition reacted with shock at the decision and expressed their desire to challenge it.

Teixeira and Prime Minister Samuel Hinds appeared on the programme: ‘The 10th Parliament and the way forward’ on the National Communications Network last evening.

The Government’s Chief Whip said the events that followed the President’s proclamation came as no surprise, but were all alarming.

Teixeira said that APNU’s Carl Greenidge’s reference to King Charles I, losing his head for proroguing parliament, is a subliminal message, and it is one that should not be taken lightly.

Greenidge went on to warn that investors should not look forward to his Party’s support for any agreement made during the period of prorogation.

According to Teixeira, this statement is very irresponsible coming from a Party which is always condemning the government saying that it is not doing enough.

She questioned the statement, nothing that such a comment can be seen as a threat to potential investors who are interested in investing in Guyana with the aim of building the local economy.

She, as well as the Prime Minister, condemned the protest action that took place outside of the public building saying that the combined Opposition has suggested that the President’s decision can be seen as one to provoke violence, but their actions tell a different story.

The Prime Minister said he is optimistic that that the situation will force open dialogue, but this would be the best way forward. However, he noted that if this avenue is not explored, then he is confident that the Guyanese people who have been looking on will be the judge. [Extracted and modified from GINA]



  1. Gail ought to be reminded that when immature kids are afforded matches to toy with, house go bunn down; where children play with fire you must live next to fire station. As for the senior Whip herself, she must know that those that live in glass houses should not be throwing stones. When she offers an argument or challenges some opposition’s deliberations, she must support her accusations with direct quotes and references. And if she is not allowed to disagree with her comrades in arms, she should shutup. Some things are better left unchallenged!

  2. Jilted lover , only your kind is famous for that kind of action, me cant have she so kill she and hang ya self or drink de dall, this guy is confused or just brain dead, the PPP is a reflection of the PNC all we thought we were getting rid of in 1992 came back to haunt the country, under witch party we see as much DRUG lords, Gun crimes,Murders,the Suicide rate as it is lawless groups even the school kids are involved in Gangs,members of Parliament acting like bums,the fall of the Indian tradition and the loose life all oner the country, look at the state of the city, we never had so many cases of fraud coming from high and low.Its everybody doing what they feel like, the lawless can drive and kill ppl on the street pay and walk away, the RICH doing what they feel, in which country you see goons with AR15 guns with 100 round clips, what they guarding, not even the Good President has that security, bank of guyana dont have that. Citizens with AR15 and drug lords with license firearms, what a great place to live in, and you bet with all the guns you will see what will happen when the criminal elements take to the streets how many will suffer, and how many more guns will be taken away from them same license owners,

  3. Do I have to remind my fellow Guyanese of how deprave Greenidge, Green, Granger, and Harmon are? These are elements of GREAT DEPRAVITY. Ninety five percent of the combine opposition morale have gone below the belly of a snake. Woe be unto all evil doers! Come let’s develop Guyana together. Why are we fighting with each other? It seems as though nature is doing better than man with intelligence. eg. No tree has branches so foolish as to fight among themselves. We are all branches of the tree of humanity. So let’s be mindful our actions.

  4. Anytime PNC takes to the street is a threat to innocent citizens to country.
    PNC is designed to start slow fiah then add mo fiah to make country ungovernable since they cant win leadership at the polls.
    So many others partied jumped in bed with PNC for power and they still get this ass trashed by PPP and PPPC.
    PNC is like a bad ass jilted lover if I cant have she then no man cant have she either.


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