Anil Tape Scandal: Rohee will not say if he was present when Cabinet granted millions to Nandlall



By Fareeza Haniff

PPP web[] – General Secretary of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP), Clement Rohee has refused to disclose whether he was present at the Cabinet meeting that granted Attorney General and Legal Affairs Minister, Anil Nandlall $6 million for medical treatment.

In the infamous recording that went viral between Nandlall and Senior Kaieteur News Journalist, Leonard Gildarie, the Attorney General said that he borrowed the money from the government and paid it back before the Kaieteur News found out.

When asked if he was present at that Cabinet meeting, Rohee told reporters “I will not go there.”

“The best person to answer that is the Cabinet Secretary [Dr Roger Luncheon]. It is a government matter. He is the full crown; he is the inventory of all decisions made at Cabinet.”

Nandlall, in his public statement on the money stated, “This has been unfortunately interpreted to implicate me in some form of financial impropriety. I wish to set the record straight on that issue. The reference relates to the reimbursement I received for monies I expended on medical treatment. This reimbursement was approved by Cabinet in a written Cabinet decision dated 20 June 2013. This is, and historically has been, an entitlement of every member of Cabinet long before my appointment.”

Meanwhile, Rohee also revealed that no decision was taken to have Nandlall appear before the Party’s disciplinary committee.

“I have had a private talk with Mr Nandlall, he is a central member of the Committee and as the General Secretary, I’ve had a talk with him,” Rohee said.

However, he refused to reveal the details of the ‘talk.’


  1. Rohee can’t pelt bricks cause his roof is made of glass too!!!! If he condemns anyone, the shit will hit the fan. He is not being silent to help Anil. He is being silent to prevent getting his name in the middle of this disgrace and bring out his own skeletons

  2. Rohee now you are learning to deal with the press..U R not on my christmas list but hey hats off to you..tell dem u ent going question and move on..if they come back u do them like george bush do them..point to another reporter in your favor and say next question. if they keep insting then u tell em press conference over thank you dont come again yaull


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