Opposition Leader lambastes Kaieteur News over scurrilous articles


Opposition leader, Dr Bharat Jagdeo has responded to two articles published in the October 21, 2016, edition of the Kaieteur News under the respective headlines of “Jagdeo bars Kaieteur News from asking questions at press conference” and “Jagdeo says economy slowing down, but offers no clear solution.”

Dr Bharat Jagdeo
Dr Bharat Jagdeo

According to Jadgeo, Kaieteur News was dishonest in the publication of the two articles which choose to ignore the facts that he presented while exaggerating others.

Below is Jadgeo’s full response:

The disingenuous nature of the Kaieteur News has once again been put on display in its Friday, October 21, 2016 edition, in an article headlined ‘Jagdeo bars Kaieteur News from asking questions at press conference’.  In that article there is no mention of the fact that two (2) Kaieteur news reporters were present, one of whom was the first to ask five (5) questions. The second Kaieteur news reporter departed the press conference without waiting on others to have their first chance to ask questions. As such the article can only be seen as reflective of uninspired hyperbole, as is characteristic of the Kaieteur news.

Also, in a second article in its Friday, October 21, 2016, edition, Kaieteur News contends that in addressing Guyana’s current economic challenges, no solutions were offered by the Opposition Leader. Again, the newspaper ignored fact. I defined elements of a matrix that could address the current slowdown in the economy. Of note is that I gave this explanation after a question was posed by the Kaieteur news. I explained that the matrix would feature three primary factors – consistent policies and incentives; uniformed applicability of policies; and a focus by the Minister of Finance on growth rather than managing for ratios. I also pointed out that to define this matrix further would take up a great deal of time which I was prepared to do, but not at a press conference.

Of note too is that the misrepresentations published by the Kaieteur news followed my explanation for the consistent personal attacks, as well as attacks on the political Opposition. Yesterday I explained that Kaieteur news had applied for a radio licence, but was not issued one.

The role of the media has been accepted as a critical one in a democracy. However, reporters also have a responsibility to reflect issues in a truthful manner.




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