Juvenile shot by security guard after larceny in Republic Bank compound


An investigation has been launched into the circumstances  surrounding the shooting of a male juvenile who allegedly committed a crime of Simple Larceny in the compound of a commercial bank, earlier today. 

Reports indicate that at around 04:00hrs, a female security, who was on duty in the compound of Republic Bank Limited at Waterloo and New Market Streets, Georgetown, noticed the suspect in possession of her handbag which she had left on a table.

republic-bankThe guard quickly raised an alarm and the suspect dropped the bag and escaped by scaling the fence. However, the guard alerted her supervisor from the Professional Guard Service and shortly after a patrol was dispatched.

In their search, they came across a young man fitting the description of the suspect and confronted him. During the intervening process, a round was discharged from the shotgun in possession of a member of the patrol, hitting the suspect to his face and body.

The suspect was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital, where he underwent surgery and is recuperating under police guard.


  1. What do you want the youngsters to do the useless incompetent dictator promised jobs where are the jobs ????Who would want to come and invest in this crime invested hell hole –since these dummies took over everything has gotten worse-

  2. Interesting… a group of guards and one had to shoot a young person who fit the discription of a suspect in an unarmed robery…no word of the ‘suspect’ having a weapon… in his face and body in order to apprehend him. The jobless youths are once again the ones to lose the most.


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