Opposition Leader discusses ‘One Nation’ concept with military officers



GDF 1[www.inewsguyana.com] – Leader of the People’s National Congress Reform and Leader of the Opposition, Brigadier David Granger today took the ‘One Nation’ message to Guyana Defence Force officers.

Granger addressed mid-career Air Corps, Coast Guard and Ground Forces military officers attending the Senior Command and Staff Course, where he highlighted five challenges – National Unity, National Security, Economic viability, Educational apartheid and Good Governance – facing Guyana. He suggested that the military officers should focus them as they embarked on a new phase of their careers.

Granger told the officers that Guyana was still not yet a unified nation. The nation could not progress without a greater degree of unity and this was the basis for his repeated call for ‘One Nation.’GDF 2

On the challenge of national security, while recounting the Surinamese Navy’s intrusion into Guyana’s seaspace in 2000, he expressed alarm over the incursion of a Venezuela Navy Frigate into Guyana’s waters in October 2013.

He said the threats to national and public security, resulting from porous borders and seaspace and the lack of resources for the Guyana Police Force, the Guyana Defence Force and the Coast Guard were major problems.

Extreme poverty was a challenge to economic viability, Granger said. He lamented that the economic development of many regions continued to be held back because of poor infrastructure. ‘Education apartheid’ was also becoming evident.

Despite celebrating the performance of a few brilliant high-performers at the NGSA and CSEC on the one hand there were also about 7000 dropouts from primary and secondary schools countrywide every year on the other hand. He told the officers that such a large number of poorly educated youths was bound to impact immediately on employment and, in the longer term, on the economy.GDF 3

Granger closed his presentation to the officers by addressing the challenge of governance. He said the time for ‘winner-takes-all politics’ had long passed. He iterated his call for a government of national unity base on shared governance and inclusionary democracy.

The military officers posed several searching questions to the Opposition Leader in the interactive session at Camp Ayanganna.




  1. HANS::: Granger might want to carry out Burnham plan to douglarized the entire Guyana…he could be possibly talking about that..PNC had new nation…Granger must be talking about another PNC news papers..oh …PNC might dig up that indian guy with the name Winston Murray / or Joe Singh and rubber them to counter his one nation thing ..Same people from the Burnham era hoping to repeat history..Granger Hammie Green Carl Greenidge all still there fighting to rule…Ya cant blame them….I would blame those who follow them and vote for them..Their one nation thing sounds to many Guyanese like Africanize..

  2. From “One Guyana” to “One Nation”. The PNC leader is just spewing BS. Before he ever thinks of one nation he must start with “One PNC”. The PNC is the most dis-united Party, because the rightful leader should be Mr Greenidge. Recall the debates on the last Budget. The PPP/C MPs directed all their questions/blows/remarks to Greenidge,many times calling him out by name. In most people minds this army man does not exist. After the next general elections Granger will be “history”.

  3. One Nation? Can somebody explain me what it mean? The APNU/PNC shadow cabinet have namely nearly no other members from other races; only Afro-Guyanese.The other problem is that I can’t trust the “old” people or better to say the die-hard members of the PNC. They are jointly responsible for the bad politics of the Burnham area.

  4. ‘The military posed several searching questions to the Opposition Leader’ like what? This is how you know good from bad reporting. What were the searching questions? What were Granger’s answers? Tell us please.

  5. nat ah blade ah grass he should tell dem….granger must be thinking how gulible dem big man dis in gdf…gdf collecting fat money the past 20 years and does nothing…picture granger leading the gdf in battle against Brazil or Venezuela
    ha ha ha ha dis old times gdf big man think he is in charge of ballot box still


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