Opposition accuses Minister Patterson of being “disrespectful and insensitive”

Minister of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson
Minister of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The opposition People’s Progressive Party (PPP) on Tuesday issued a press statement in which it accused Public Infrastructure Minister, David Patterson and the government by extension of being disrespectful and insensitive.

The Party said it has noted the call by Patterson for residents of the Essequibo Coast and the North West District to make an “official call” and “formally” approach him before he addresses demands for reduced transportation costs to travel on government owned ferries and steamers.

“The PPP views government’s position on this matter as disrespectful, insensitive and wholly unacceptable,” the statement noted.

According to the PPP, the Minister is virtually telling the people “to come beg me and I will think about it”.

The PPP recalled that the call to reduce the Berbice Bridge toll was politically initiated by the AFC as a vote-getting exercise and later became an APNU+AFC demand that was reflected in their election’s Manifesto.

“As far as the PPP can recall there was never ever a demand for a official call nor for a formal approach to be made to anyone for the Berbice Bridge toll to be reduced. The APNU+AFC made this demand as part and parcel of their elections campaign. And its genesis was inspired by the AFC as a political football,” the statement added.

The PPP says it supports fully the call by the Essequibo and North West residents for a significant reduction in the fares of the government owned ferries and steamers plying the Georgetown, Essequibo and Georgetown North West routes and demand equal treatment for all Guyanese.

“The ferries and steamers rates must be reduced.”





  1. save like jagdo right ? save taxpayers money in his bank account!! guess who all the white collar criminals drug lords and fraudsters in Guyana are? INDIANS!!!

  2. A bunch of power hungry idiots running this country. They can’t seem to get their act together. They will reck this country in a year time.

  3. indian people know how to save money and black people like to spent the only think of today because tomorrow shall never come ask GLEN LALL he have a lot of house fowl working for him he is the KING of THE RING if he asked them to jump they will say BOSS man How high/ none of his house fowl own any thing, but blood on their hands for GLEN LALL THE WATER FALL BOSS

  4. Most shameless self installed bullies who have no etiquette to run a country.Now asking the residents to come worship him before a decision is made.who does he think he really is.sorry Guyanese still have pride and dignity and will never stoop to your level.

  5. Reduce the fares for all people across the country. In the same way reduce the electricity rates to match those in Linden. Equal treatment for all people.

  6. The PPP has the gall to talk about disrespectful and insensitive? That is exactly what it displayed to Guyanese under Jagdeo and Ramotar, which is why it is now being called the OPPOSITION!
    These charlatans and con artists have defined disrespect and insensitivity to a whole new low, by taking NIS money to build the bridge, then structuring a deal whereby the minor investors not only have majority stake and say, but they get first dibs on any profits.
    To add insult to assault, Jagdeo wants the coalition to dip into GY$30b belonging to autonomous bodies and use up to GY$600m to but out the minor bridge investors who only put up a few million dollars.
    That is Jagdeo’s concept of Public Private Partnerships, of which Rohee is now a cheerleader, perhaps because he may get his cut from the buyout money.

  7. How did this idiot become a minister? Only Granger, Trotman and Nagas seem like decent people. All the other dumb asses are a disgrace to Guyana. Guyana is the laughing stock of the world once again.

  8. It is amazing how the PooPyParty can take umbrage and twist a harmless statement into absulute rubbish.The Minister is only suggesting that groups of concerned citizens get them selves organised and make an appointment with the Ministet.The statement smacks of Rotis, foot in mouth again,especially when the statement involves the words “ferries and steamers”.Steamers have not been in operation for over 70+ years.Feroze, vet Rotis statements before he continues to make an ass of himself and the PooPyParty.Surely there is a wealth of intellect in the party, you should display it and by pass the brain dead.As for reducing rates on the ferries, that is so tiring “tit for tat,”and makes no sense as ferries are inherently very expensive to run and thanks to the PooPyParty’s complete ignorance of all matters non Communist doctranaire in nature, have gifted Guyana with two gas guzzling ferries, that require subsidies to operate.

  9. Berbicians are still waiting for a reduction of electricity rates. I now remember how Hamilton Green had wanted to slaughter the Lindeners during the first PNC dictatorial rule and now he is supporting the next to free electricity for them.
    Berbicians should be given a piece of the pie!!!!!!!!

  10. THE PNC is still vision-less! There is no talks about building the treasury, instead the PNC is only finding ways to squander the wealth that was build/save up by the PPP.


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