Opinion: IAC says population shift should cause changes to governance arrangements



census[www.inewsguyana.com] – The Indian Arrival Committee (IAC) has noted that the preliminary census results, released recently, indicate that the population of Guyana has decreased from 751, 223 in 2002 to 747, 884 in 2012, a decrease of 3,339 persons.

The IAC is extremely alarmed with these statistics because they indicate, unmistakably, a high net migration outflow of between fifteen (15) and twenty (20) percent of the current resident population of Guyana between 2002 and 2012.

The IAC has recognized that this trend can be tracedback historically for several decades when the population stood at 701,718 in 1970; 759,567 in 1980 and 723,673 in 1991. These figures indicate that migration outflows since 1970 probably, cumulatively, equal or surpass the total amount of persons now resident in Guyana in 2014.

The IAC, in light of statistics published by reputable international organisations, which place Guyana’s brain drain among the highest in the world, if not the highest, recognizes that the current census figure strongly suggests that the brain drain from Guyana continues unabated in spite of the strength of Guyana’s economy which has witnessed fourteen (14) consecutive years of economic growth according to GDP per capita statistics published by the International Monetary Fund: USD1417 in 1999; 1512 (2000); 1513 (2001); 1544 (2002); 1582 (2003); 1654 (2004); 1729 (2005); 1915 (2006); 2279 (2007); 2509 (2008); 2630 (2009); 2904 (2010); 3263 (2011); 3581 (2012) and 3729 (2013).

The IAC is alarmed that despite this prolonged period of economic growth, the migration outflows continue unchecked, and is of the opinion that Guyana’s post-independence economic history must be understood so as to place this population stagnation and decline in perspective.

The IAC believes that comparative analysis of the respective economic growth patterns of Guyana and Singapore will shed much light on Guyana’s current predicament.

According to IMF Statistics, the GDP (nominal) per capita in 1960 for Guyana was USD 304 while that of Singapore was USD 395. In 2013, the values were USD 3729 for Guyana and USD 54, 776 for Singapore.

Comparison of the GDP (nominal) per capita between Guyana and Singapore illustrates that:

(1)   In 1975, Guyana was where Singapore was in 1968

(2)   In 1985, Guyana was where Singapore was in 1968

(3)   In 1992, Guyana was where Singapore was in 1969

(4)   In 1993, Guyana was where Singapore was in 1971

(5)   In 2006, Guyana was where Singapore was in 1973

(6)   In 2013, Guyana was where Singapore was in 1979

Between 1960 and 2012, the population of Guyana increased by a factor of 1.34, while that of Singapore increased by a factor of 3.22.

The IAC recognizes that in relation to Singapore, which had almost continuous economic growth between 1960 and 2012, the economy of Guyana stagnated between 1975 and 1992 and grew slowly between 1993 and 2006.

The IAC has computed, using statistics obtained from the IMF database, that to arrive at where Singapore’s economy stood in 2013, it would take Guyana 254 years (from 1960) or another 200 years from today.

This reality should be a cause of urgent action. The IAC, therefore, calls upon all political parties, all trade unions, all religious bodies, all cultural organisations, all NGO’s and all of civil society to study these facts presented to them by the IAC and, taking the example of the people of Singapore, join together to combat divisiveness, feelings of insecurity and to combine intellects and to plot a fresh approach for Guyana’s where people feel safe and want to make the country their home.

The IAC strongly feels that the time has come for a serious re-examination of Governance initiativeswhich will enhance a feeling of inclusiveness and togetherness by all ethnic groups.

This is absolutely necessary to address the deleterious effects of brain drain and increasing levels of crime are to be effectively combatted and result in a significant reduction of the unacceptably high levels of insecurity present in Guyanese society today.

The IAC will continue to engage other likeminded partners in the diverse cultural landscape so as to foster deeper national unity and a sense of belonging.




  1. You are swinging in all directions. The PPP/C did better than Burnham. When Burnham took over we had 19 million US Dollars in the Treasury. When they get booted out by the people, they saddled us with 2 Billion US dollars in debt. Please note nothing significant to show for it. There were countless food lines among other things.
    Now look at the development we have so far.
    Now my question to you is what is your solution to improve our country?

  2. Countries with low birthrate and aging populations will be predators to the readily available trained workforce as in Guyana.
    Guyanese left in the hundred of thousands during the corrupt and incompetent PNC watch. They flee taking nothing, only their lives and that of their children and the clothes on their backs. The host countries mainly Canada and USA were kind to them and sure enough, they took advantage and build economic independence.
    Who is lost will never go back, life is too good!
    The PNC is not helping when they keep draping coffins of criminals with the Nation’s flag.
    The Opposition is not helping when they are bad mouthing with lies on a daily basis.
    The Business community is spooked!
    First we need to attract Business immigrants to create jobs. Then as the need for skills present itself, skilled immigrants can come in, but by specific conditions.
    There should be no blanked acceptance, as in Linden, we have our fair share of freeloaders.

  3. This is BS, and he knows it. Your population has diminished, because Forbes Burnham, as Leader became a ruthless, arrogant, S.O.B. without a conscience, and did not give a damn about the people. Forty eight years later, and you have drifted backwards; with no possible solution in sight. All that’s been going on is WORDS without substance. The time has come for the people to face reality, none of you, the PPP, PNC nor APNU have any good intentions for the Guyanese citizens. You’re no different to Burnham, you are opportunists, parasites would be more apt, and you’re sucking the life out of the country. I pray for the day that GOD will raise His hand and put an end to your madness.

  4. let Rohee continue to be chief security man of the PPP and in a matter of months more will flee Guyana..The nation especially the Indians are fed up sick and tired of being robbed even in their own homes and their place of business plus walking the streets peacefully. the choke n rob gang is still out there but hey who cares. PPP want their cake to eat it all alone.They want people to vote for them but they cant provide safety and security for those citizens..Someone just told me he give up all in Canada to remigrate back to Guyana and it was a dumb move on his part for his family and they will get out again soon not to ever go back.


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