Only those needed were retained for Rodney COI – Harmon clarifies

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By Fareeza Haniff

Minister of State, Joseph Harmon.
Minister of State, Joseph Harmon.

[] – Minister of State, Joseph Harmon says he is not aware of the issues concerning the non – renewal of contract for the Lead State Counsel for the Walter Rodney Commission of Inquiry, Glen Hanoman.

During an interview with reporters on Friday evening, Harmon made it clear that the COI is set to commence on Monday, July 27, and those who are needed were retained by government.

“What I understand is that they have decided to deal with a few persons who need to tidy up some issues that arose. So really I’m not aware, I’m not too sure about Mr Hanoman’s contract. What I can say to you is that all of the persons who were recommended by the Commission itself, Mr Denbow, that he needs these people to work and those persons have been retained.

Glen Hanoman
Glen Hanoman

Hanoman had noted that he is not inclined to appear at the final sitting of the Commission in the absence of a renewed contract between him and the government.

“My contract expired several months ago and in spite of my persistent inquiries there has been no indication that there is a desire to retain me to act as counsel to the Commission. In the circumstances, I do not have locus standi to appear as counsel for the Commission at the next session. I wish to thank all for the guidance and memorable moments,” Hanoman stated in a letter dispatched to the principals of the COI.

He told iNews that should the APNU+AFC government seek to renew his contract, he would be willing to work to the finality of the Commission but he is not willing to make himself a “fool.”

When questioned about the issue, Harmon explained that the bulk of the work includes submissions to be made by the Attorneys for the various parties represented at the Commission.

“I do not run the Commission; I provide resources for the Commission. They told me they have all that they need to do the final sitting. So If Mr Hanoman is not part of that arrangement…if he has not been renewed, that has to be a decision that was made by…the organizers of the commission,” Harmon clarified.

But Hanoman had told iNews that the government is well aware that his contract expired since he made it known to them several weeks ago. The Counsel indicated that the Administrator for the Rodney COI, Hugh Denbow has also been informed of the issue.




  1. Did we all read Ramotar comments today to Stabroek news? I have to totally agree with him! Millions has been spent on the Walter Roodney case and just about to release the final wrap up, the APNU+PNC chooses to close the case – WHY? Is it because it will reveal that they are the culprits? That Hamilton Green and Granger should be in Jail? Makes no sense to have criminals running the country….time to flush out both the PNC and PPP and start over for a fresh Guyana.

  2. Guyana Government should not pay the Public service Employee to do very little that’s
    another form of Theft lot of that is going on.


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