Gov’t to provide protection for ‘whistle blowers’ with knowledge of criminal enterprise


By Fareeza Haniff

police[] – The APNU+AFC government is prepared to provide protection for those persons who are prepared to provide information that will lead to the capture of criminals.

Minister of State, Joseph Harmon told reporters on Friday, July 24 that there is a protection structure in place at the Ministry of Public Security, which will be activated when needed.

“If people are prepared to come and provide information to us that will lead to the capture of these criminals and so on, certainly we will provide the kind of protection for them because people who give the information, what you call them? Whistle blowers…we will provide the kind of protection that is needed,” the Minister of State said.

Harmon however made it clear that government will not provide any security for those persons are involved in the criminal enterprise.

“Persons who are part of the criminal enterprise… involved or engaged in killing people… then they will have to face the music too. So we are prepared to give the kind of protection to persons who are going to give us the information that will lead us to the arrest of these criminals that will get to the intellectual authors of crime.”

Only recently, former policeman, Sean Hinds confessed to being part of the death squad, which was responsible for murdering a number of armed criminals during the 2002/2003 crime wave.

While Hinds never actually confessed to killing anyone, he claims to have knowledge of those who did, including high ranking police officials. The government has since made it clear that Hinds will not be granted amnesty in return for any information.




  1. If the whistle blower Kill a person then he have to face the law no protection for him in the Jail

  2. Lest anyone thinks this whistle blower protection offer extends to Shawn Hinds, they should think again, because as a self-confessed murderer for the GPF on Jagdeo’s watch, he should disclose who he killed.
    Meanwhile, PM Nagamootoo may have blown the lid off Hinds cover as a potential victim of a hit when Hinds said he saw a car with tinted windows outside his house so he went to Freedom House for safety and then spilled his guts on television.
    Nagamootoo said Hinds was solidly identified as the driver of a car that was parked outside the PMs private residence, but sped off after neighbors called the police and they showed up. This may be the reason why the police want Hinds for a ‘serious matter’ unrelated to Crum-Ewing, and why Hinds may be playing the victim of a possible hit.
    I hope Granger and Nagamootoo have a top notch security plan to deal with Jagdeo and the criminal cabal in the PPP. Make life easy for the rest of the nation, by dealing condingly with this criminal syndicate.

  3. If this government is serious of take down the criminals, and protecting whistle blowers, they need to protect sean hinds for that’s exactly what he is. He’s only one man but he can bring down many. Here’s an opportunity where it’s right in front of their faces. The government needs to brag it.

  4. Whistle Blowers In Guyana-Protection?

    Guyanese tend to have Very Loose Lips, and this transcends ALL Levels off society.

    Anyway, the idea is a good one.

    Or protecting those who have information pertinent to National Security, or Unsolved Criminal Activities, that would be imperative for the state to have access to.

  5. Finally the government has said exactly what I said they should do with Mr. Hinds. I fully agree that he should not be given amnesty for the criminal acts he committed. Yes I agree that there should be a protection program for whistle blowers that were not involved in any criminal act but provide information that lead to the arrest and conviction of anyone that have committed a crime. As I said before and will say it again – arrest Mr. Hinds immediately and interrogate him to give up any information he is currently holding onto. He is just trying to come up with fabricated information to clear himself for all the innocent Guyanese he killed. He definitely does not meet the whistle blower criteria for any protection program. He does meet the criteria to be behind bars where he rightfully belongs.


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