8 prison officers rushed to hospital – as deadly riot continues

One of the injured prison officer at the GPHC

At least eight prison officers have been rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) along with a number of inmates since rioting actions began early this morning at the Camp Street Prison.

One of the injured prison officer at the GPHC
One of the injured prisoner at the GPHC

A source at the GPHC moments ago told INews that there is ‘chaos and confusion’ at the hospital presently as many more officers and prisoners continue to be brought in for emergency medical treatment.

“I ain’t able with this, if people can see what is going on here and people are already panicking wondering what really is happening. Prison officers keep coming in one after the other for treatment. Then you see them escorting prisoners in bunches and all of them need fast medical attention,” the woman said.

Sources has earlier this morning indicate that one prison officer had died. However, INews was reliably informed that no one died during this morning’s riot.



  1. We need to start looking at things beyond this ‘own people’ mentality in these situations, and focus our thinking on how to prevent re-occurrence of these acts.

  2. Agreed with King Kong .BOYS and GENTLEMEN and the entire people in Guyana . a wha ayahu hut ayo head fa . MAY month a come up , Soulja Boy go mek a lot a room in LOT 12 . Then more Robberies . He talk them should be in school .How much school he budget to build! But is one thing – if you could open them head and put in Education that would be fine .

  3. 8 prison officers rushed to hospital – as deadly riot continues
    All prison officers should be facing firing squad…kit and kin at work for flesh and money

  4. Where is the soldier boy and his commandos now–he own ppl creating havoc in the city now–I guess they will blame Jag for this too–( he did not build new prisons to house these wonderful citizens).


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