As a result of the operation by the Joint Services to contain the situation at the Georgetown Prison, several streets in the area have been cordoned off.

prison 1prison 6Citizens who do not live in the area are asked to avoid the area until further notice. Vehicular traffic should utilise other routes at this time. Persons should avoid Durban St, Norton St, Hadfield St, Camp St (between Brickdam and Norton), Bent St, Creen Street and George Street. (OPM Advisory)




  1. Compensated for EXACTLY what? Who was responsible for lighting mattresses?Who challenged the wardens? Who refuse to open the cells? Who give the authorities rhyme and reason to lock up their criminal behinds in the first place? Good riddance! All the government has to do is bury them in paupers graves. Dig one big hole and throw their dead behinds inside. Story done. Next group coming in will learn sense.

  2. Why these Prisoners not in their Prison Uniform? If they escape they can blend in easily
    I can’t believe what I am seeing. These families of the dead rioters cannot be compensated until the three man investigation is completed and this is based on recommendation. They need to investigate all these Prison Wardens.


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