One more suspect held…as probe intensifies into brutal murder of Chinese businesswoman


Law enforcement officials have intensified their search for leads into the fatal shooting of a Chinese National who was killed during a robbery on the Corentyne on Sunday night.

Murdered, Sue Di Wong
Murdered, Sue Di Wong

According to a police report, on Saturday last, two unmasked men, one armed with a cutlass and the other with a gun walked into Jinlai Lai Chinese Restaurant of Number 57 Village, Corentyne, Berbice and carried away a box containing a few packets of cigarettes and pencils before shooting Sue Di Wong, also called “Xiudi Yang”.

Following the shooting, Police arrested one man who remains in custody and has so far been assisting the investigation. However, on Tuesday, according to sources, a second man was arrested after Police intelligence led them to a house in the community. The murder is being investigated by the Major Crime Unit (MCU).

Meanwhile, an autopsy is expected to be performed on Di Wong’s body today by Government Pathologist, Dr Vivekananda Bridgemohan.



  1. Quite often people do not realised how much sacrifice and strain a business person and their family endure to achieve what they have unless it’s an inheritance.
    Then sadly the stone hearted set out to rob and kill these people .

  2. SO much for Granger and Ramjattan lies that crime is under control? What control? Everyday you read the news is someone else getting robbed and killed…Under the PPP crime rate was a lot better….this is facts from the past: When the army based government PNC is installed- Guyana is a mess with crime and gangs….Buxton is the head quarter….because it is ALL PNC supporters…its funny that Ramjattan speak of GUN control…yet if he know the PNC well, it will not come as a surprise to know that ARMY and POLICE ranks are known to rent the guns to the criminals….so WAKE up RUMJATTAN and smell the beans… join the hands of the devil to destroy Guyana…..for what? MONEY!

  3. These bandits went with the intention to kill, not just rob. These business people , make so much sacrifice to start their business. Only for their life to be cut short by a bullet . This is really sad. Crime is up in every Region , not every case makes the paper or the TV . You can’t even wear your Silver jewelry unless you with a group of people.

  4. Poor lady. She leave her home country in China and come all the way here as many of our immigrant forefathers did to make a life for her children and now this senseless tragedy. My deepest sympathy to her family and friends and I HOPE THEY CATCH THE BASTARD before he murders somebody else.

  5. And Mr Granger said that he will pardon more criminals this year for Independence celebration.This is Progress Nationwide Continues.PNC

  6. My Lord, you walk into a business with the intention of robbing the people, why do you have to shoot to kill? Does human life mean anything to Guyanese anymore? You seriously need to reconsider the prosecution of these felons. Use one of the islands in the Essequibo river to build a prison, for these types. Pardoning criminals can take a step back, and severely punishing these bastards, needs to take a step-up. Enough already, this is TOO MUCH PAIN and ANGUISH for families!


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