Muslims in Guyana condemn UN-released stamps promoting homosexuality, transgenderism


The Central Islamic Organisation of Guyana (CIOG) joins with several nations worldwide in voicing its displeasure of the United Nations release of stamps promoting homosexuality and transgenderism.

CIOG, in a statement, said this recent undertaking by the UN does not represent the views and do not garnish the support of several nations, religious bodies and other international Organisations..

stamp“As for CIOG, on behalf of the Muslim Community of Guyana, we utterly and completely denounce such an outrageous action that serves to promote a way of life that is detrimentally opposed to our beliefs and culture,” the religious organisation said in a statement.

“An Organisation such as the United Nations which purports to foster peace, inclusion and respect for the rights of others, should be more sensitive to the feelings and beliefs of the many groups that follow a life whereby homosexuality and transgendenderish is forbidden,” the CIOG posited.

It pointed out that while freedom of expression is a right, bodies such as the UN should not be seen to abuse this right to win the adoration of a minority, but should work towards upholding the moral values enshrined in the great religions of the world, and respect for the cultures and traditions of other  nations.

“The CIOG with all the powers vested in us by our Muslim brothers and sisters in Guyana wishes with a unified voice, our appeal to the Secretary General of human rights of the UN to reconsider this decision and rescind the issuance of these stamps. Failure to do so we fear, may only serve to widen the already fragile coexistence and religious tolerance and harmony that currently exist,” the CIOG appealed.

The United Nations Postal Administration (UNPA), a few days ago, unveiled a set of six commemorative stamps to promote ‘UN Free & Equal’ – a global UN campaign for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) equality launched and led by the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR).

The new stamps, which celebrate the diversity of the LGBT community, mark the first time the United Nations has issued stamps with this theme. The set, which features two in English, two in French, and two in German, is available at UN Headquarters in New York, Geneva and Vienna. They can also be purchased online.





  1. Thy shall keep thy own religion to thy self and don’t use money to rule people. Remember no one does anything for free. NO one.

  2. Lets not forget that Moses in the Bible did the same thing. Are you then saying that Moses was wrong?

    Just because someone hands you some aid that does not give them the right to stuff their moral code down your throat.

  3. The CIOG is sounding more and more hard-lined every day. The Saudi money is promoting a radical Wahibi Islam that is rejected by all liberal, tolerant Muslims. Get the Saudi money out of Guyana!

  4. the ciog must first understand that being lesbian, gay, bi-sexual or transgender is not a “way of life” as it accused the united nations of promoting and should start promoting tolerance instead of divisions and bigotry.

    what is indeed a way of life is; the practice of burying women up to their necks and have mobs hurling rocks at their heads until they are dead. also,hanging/executing thirteen and fourteen year old juveniles from gallows made with the booms of cherry-pickers and construction cranes as are common in many of the seven nations opposing the issuing of these stamps are more in line with what could be described as a way of life.

    these are beautiful stamps that serves as a reminder that the world is made up of different people and for everyone to co-exist peacefully and have tolerance for others despite their differences.

    guyana is a 19th century country living in the 21st century that still accepts help from the international community. when the loans arrive from donor countries no one asks whether taxpaying lgbt peoples’ monies are there too. when doctors arrive in the country to set-up free eye clinics no one asks whether half the number of them are from the lgbt community of the world.

  5. Muslims in Guyana condemn UN-released stamps promoting homosexuality, transgenderism..
    These are the religious nut bags that are society destroyers..they wont live and let others live they want to impose their religious nutty crappy shit on others..
    They better take another look an see what the US installed PNC regime doing to them and other Guyanese in Guyana right now..
    They cant demand from PNC that PNC give back the old people their electricity and water perks..
    They cant demand from PNC that PNC give back the 10000 gift poor school children got .
    They dare not tell PNC that PNC lied through their teeth during election campaign.
    They dare not tell PNC to reverse Parliamentarians wages and perks..
    These are the things you religious nut bags must be taking care of..
    Where it CIOG condemnation on PNC wrong doings and dont tell me your crap about separation of state and religion because Grainger been there and addressed you all before and even take the Guyanese people tax dollars and hand it over as donating.


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