Nurses at Plaisance Health Centre granted leave after expressing fear for their lives

Dead: Kevon Critchlow
Dead: Kevon Critchlow

[] – Several nurses attached to the Plaisance Health Centre on the East Coast of Demerara (ECD) have been granted leave after objecting to working under duress and expressing fear for their lives.

This comes following a protest which was mounted outside of the Health Centre earlier this week after 4-month-old, Kevon Critchlowwas administered a wrong injection and subsequently died.

During the protest, the father of the child eventually made his way into the clinic with what has been reported to be a coffin and threatened the nurses and other staff members at the facility.

One source had told iNews that the staff members had indicated their unwillingness to return to the facility after this particular incident since it would mean putting their lives in danger.

On Thursday, March 26, during a visit to the centre, Local Government and Regional Development Minister, Norman Whittaker was briefed about the absence of the workers.

Minister Norman Whittaker during his visit to the health facility
Minister Norman Whittaker during his visit to the health facility

A statement from the Local Government Ministry noted, “It was noticeable that several of the nursing staff were absent. The Honourable Minister was informed that these staff were granted leave after they had developed some fear for their safety and were also traumatised as a result of what they considered ’serious threats to their person.”

According to Regional Executive Officer, Region 4, Deolall Rooplall, the post mortem results into the death of the toddler are incomplete and a detailed report into his death is expected sometime on Friday, March 27.



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