Norton pulls out of PNC Leadership race

Aubrey Norton . [iNews' Photo]

Aubrey Norton . [iNews' Photo]
Aubrey Norton . [iNews’ Photo]
[] Contender of the leadership of the PNCR, Aubrey Norton moments ago walked out of Congress Place with his supporters, announcing that he pulled out of the race.

Norton told reporters that the voting process is flawed. Several angry Lindeners are currently outside the Sophia headquarters visibly upset and spitting rude remarks against incumbent, David Granger.

Inews will update shortly.



  1. when they run up to linden and tell you its ppp depressing you ppp compressing you you listen and react with deadly intent…lindeners now have their chance to shine..put a full stop to pnc when they come up there..without lindeners votes pnc wiped off the face of guyana and that would be the greates thing since slice is a total blight to this nation from day one it was formed..


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