Gunshot allegedly fired at PNC Congress; Lindeners prevented from voting



By Fareeza Haniff and Tracey Khan – Drakes


This was posted opposite Congress Place. [iNews' Photo]
This was posted opposite Congress Place. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – As things spiral out of control at the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR), it is being alleged that the bodyguard of incumbent Leader, David Granger fired a single shot in the air to bring calm to the final day of the Congress at Sophia, Greater Georgetown.

iNews was reliably informed that majority of Lindeners, who are in support of Aubrey Norton, were allegedly prevented from voting today [Sunday, July 27] and as such, began to protest.

The protest by the Linden faction resulted in a pause of the voting process. One elderly delegate, Cyrilda Da Jesus, who was obviously frustrated with the situation, left the Congress without voting.

“I going home man. I got better things to do,” the woman told iNews.

The Linden delegation is claiming that they are under constant verbal attack by Granger’s supporters. One of the delegates, who prefers to remain anonymous told iNews that last evening, all the cards for the Linden delegates were secured and everything was in place for voting today.

However, when the Linden faction turned up to vote, the majority of cards for Lindeners could not be found, and as such, they could not vote.PNC

Some of the Norton supporters are outside Congress Place, some in tears and obvious frustration with the voting process.

The results of the voting will determine whether Norton or Granger will lead the PNCR.

iNews is following the situation closely and will provide more details as it unfolds.



  1. M P::: we all must lay blame where it belongs::
    Let me point these out to all who are reading::
    I said it before and will say it again..PNC will not rest until it get alll its people in GECOM like how the Police and Army belonged to PNC..They might act on some things but deed deep down inside its Kit n Kin and its the same security PPPC will have to ask to secure polling stations across Guyana..Take a serous look into PPPC Government run institutes where PPPC employed most PNC supporters…Why you think all PNC leaders always beating down PPPC for fat public servant wages::PPPC not clued in as yet..The US Ambassador knew waht was up in GECOM that is why he got together with pnc to yell LGE LGE LGE NOW NOW NOW..

  2. Surujbally’s posture is troublesome. Seems like the PNC machine is well planted at strategic positions.
    With this seemingly display of bullyism and ‘undemocracy’, Granger is now ready for the get go and the real dance!
    PPP/C get ready, it will not be a picnic.
    Dispatch foot soldiers ASAP.
    Scrutinize each and every list and do not take for granted hypocrites who says ‘ I am a friend’!

  3. slo fiah mo fiah to make pnc unruly …pnc does not know what elections means..this is just a glimpse of the ice berg come next general election..if ppp win and dont share power with pnc there will be no guyana the big fat pnc man dont like opposition to their rulers..once you become pnc ruler you must not be opposed..

  4. As i follow the PNC congress very closely it is obvious that granger and his supporters will do anything to deny Aubrey and the linden supporters the right to elect him as their leader and of the PNC ,however this will have diastrous consequence for the PNC in linden come local govt and general elcetions, they have now open the door wide to the AFC &PPP IN LINDEN WHICH COULD SEE the ppp return with a majority or a significant increase in the AFC seats.i want to predict that the apnu coailation will not hold until the next general elections.

  5. ‘All the cards were secured and everything was in place for voting…when the Linden faction turned out to vote the cards could not be found.’ Does this sound familiar? Everything was in place to vote in 1968, 73, 78, 85, and when the people turned out to vote what happened?


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