North Sophia gets water for first time



unnamed (7)[] – After thirty years residents of North Sophia, will now have access to potable water via stand pipes recently installed by the Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI).

According to a GWI press release, in excess of 10 stand-pipes will be installed in North Sophia, an area of the community in which residents were forced to traverse long distances to obtain water for domestic purposes.

Chief Executive, Dr. Van West-Charles inspected the works being executed by GWI’s Operations Team, Georgetown on Thursday and spoke with residents.

“This is the medium term plan; to at least provide the Sophia community with easily accessible stand-pipes…we envision that every resident of Sophia will have access to their own water service connection in the future.  Our priority is to provide service immediately and bring relief to residents who have been without water for more than 30 years, which is entirely unacceptable,” said the CEO

 Speaking to Dr. West-Charles, residents from North Sophia commended GWI for providing relief via the recently installed standpipes. 

unnamed (6)Residents also expressed their relief that the standpipes were installed directly in front of their homes for easy access.  They also indicated that the new service would alleviate the physical and financial burden of buying water or travelling long distances to obtain a few buckets of water.

 He assured that the project is temporary and that GWI will be exploring the installation of individual water service connections to homes within Sophia. 

“The infrastructure belongs to the residents of Sophia,’ stated the Chief Executive, ‘we implore that users maintain the integrity of the infrastructure as we seek to establish a long-term plan for providing water to North Sophia,” said Dr West Charles.




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