‘Nobody didn’t want to help we’ – eyewitness recalls moment his friend was killed

Deceased: Sanjay Hanoman

Family members and friends of the construction worker, who bled to death after he was chopped to his leg, are of the firm belief that the young man could have been alive today had persons rendered assistance to promptly get him to the hospital.

Sanjay Hanoman, 21, of Anna Catherina, West Coast Demerara (WCD) was pronounced dead on arrival at the Leonora Cottage Hospital – hours after he was chopped to his leg allegedly by a 19-year-old Venezuelan national.

The incident was witnessed by his friend, Steve Bharrat, who lamented that no one came to their assistance.

Bharrat told INews that on Sunday evening, at around 23:30hrs, he was riding through the community when he noticed Hanoman and the suspect.

“When I was riding coming in, the Spanish boy and he alone was standing up on the road. I can’t know what them did talking and what the argument is about…But when I went by the barbershop, riding coming in, is when de man (suspect) went to he waist and cut [he],” Bharrat recalled.

“Then he [suspect jump on pon he bicycle and ride through the cross-street with a speed. I can’t go behind he, I had to save me soulja because he bleeding bad, bad,” the young man explained.

“We had to hice [lift] he and pick he up, and then some people come and wash out he foot and tie it up. But no car didn’t want to come for the man [victim]. Them ain’t want come for the man. Them say about blood and this and that…save the man life nah,” the friend lamented.

Meanwhile, Hanoman’s sister, Sangeeta, is completely devastated.

“It just hurt me to know that me brother gone and left me. Me daddy and mother work so hard to bring we up,” she expressed.

According to the young lady, her brother never had issues with anyone in the community.

“Me brother nah bother nobody, this neighbourhood could talk about me brother, he never bother nobody. He and everybody is just friend,” she said.

The sister lamented that “my brother worked hard for everything he wanted in this life” but now, he will not be around to enjoy the fruits of his labour.

The Guyana Police Force (GPF) had initially stated that the victim is 19-year-old but family members have clarified that Hanoman is 21-year-old.

Meanwhile, the suspect has since been arrested and placed in custody as investigations continue.

Family members and friends are calling for swift justice.