No decision made on Westford’s status in Parliament

Former Minister of Public Service, Jennifer Westford [iNews Photo]

By Fareeza Haniff

Former Minister of Public Service, Jennifer Westford [iNews Photo]
Former Minister of Public Service, Jennifer Westford [iNews Photo]
[] – The Leadership of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) has not taken a decision as to whether its embattled member, Jennifer Westford will still represent the Party in the 11th Parliament, according to Executive Member, Dr Roger Luncheon.

He told a press conference at Freedom House on Thursday, July 30 that he believes in the notion, “Innocent until proven guilty.”

Westford has been charged with four counts of attempted larceny, involving a vehicle scam during her tenure as Public Service Minister. She was placed on $800,000 bail.

When asked about the perception of the Guyanese public given the circumstances facing the former government Minister, Dr Luncheon said, “I would concede that perceptions are important…I think you should await; speak not as though a decision has been made…I am saying to you, do not behave as though a decision has been made.”

He reiterated that the PPP has not decided as to whether Westford will return to Parliament.

“What we are deciding is the extension of these perceptions of which you speak and I concede exists; it would impact, influence the decisions of Executive and the leadership of the Party.”

Additionally, another PPP member, Bheri Ramsaran, who is also slated to represent the Party in Parliament, is facing a criminal charge of using insulting language towards Women Rights Activist, Sherlina Nageer.

The PPP’s Opposition Leader as well, Bharrat Jagdeo is facing a private charge of racial incitement. Meanwhile, Dr Luncheon revealed that the Opposition will take up its seats in Parliament just in time for the budget, which is scheduled to be presented sometime in August.



  1. The vendetta against senior PPPC officials seems to be getting more attention than the kick starting oh the stagnant economy. What’s this racist APNU/AFC Coalition is try to do is to destroy the oldest and largest political party. That’s mission impossible.


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