Former Health Minister charged with using insulting language, released on self bail

Former Health Minister, Bheri Ramsaran shows the peace sign while leaving the Whim Magistrate's Court recently. [iNews' Photo]

Former Health Minister, Bheri Ramsaran shows the peace sign while leaving the Whim Magistrate's Court. [iNews' Photo]
Former Health Minister, Bheri Ramsaran shows the peace sign while leaving the Whim Magistrate’s Court. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – Former Minister of Health under the PPP administration, Bheri Ramsaran appeared at the Whim Magistrate’s Court on Thursday, July 30 before Magistrate Charlyn Artiga to answer a charge of use of insulting language.

Ramsaran pleaded not guilty to the offence, which was allegedly committed against Women Rights Activist, Sherlina Nageer on April 20, 2015 outside the Whim Magistrate’ Court, when he threatened to slap and strip her naked.

The former government Minister was represented by Attorney – at – Law, Adrian Anamayah, who asked that Ramsaran be released on his own recognizance [self bail] and made an application for the statements from the Prosecution, which will be used during the trial.

The prosecution, represented by Seargent Welch, did not object to bail and as such, Ramsaran was released on his own recognizance. He is scheduled to return to the Whim’s Magistrate’s Court on September 21.

It should be noted that the complainant, Nageer, was not present in Court this morning.

The recording of the confrontation between Nageer and the accused went viral and received strong condemnation from Rights Groups and members of the diplomatic corps in Guyana.

The issue also resulted in several protests outside Ramsaran’s office, calling for his resignation; however while he did not resign public pressure forced former President Donald Ramotar, who was seeking another term in office, to fire Ramsaran.

The PPP was subsequently voted out of office and Ramsaran is scheduled to become a Parliamentarian.

During the verbal spat with Nageer, he threatened to slap and strip her because she interrupted his interview with Reporters who were challenging him to defend his record in government.

The exchange of words was recorded, the contents of which was revealed by the media on March 21.

“Shut your mouth and get out my face…I am not entertaining you…You idiot, we have less maternity. I am a Candidate leading these people. We are going to win the elections and do better….Get the hell out of my face…. F off” said Dr Ramsaran could be heard saying on the recording.

He went on to tell Nageer that she is “a little piece of shit…idiot,” and asked a nearby police officer to arrest her.



  1. 99.999% of ppp cabal are abusive, thugish, boorish and totally ignorant.
    no wonder the country is in the doldrums. the new gov’t have it’s work cut
    out for it. they need many holy mary’s to get the stench out of the various
    gov’t agencies and cleanse the country of the ppp stench and criminality.


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