Nigel Hughes to head Committee on Constitutional Reform


Committee[] – Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo has announced that Attorney – at – Law and Chairman of the Alliance For Change (AFC), Nigel Hughes has been appointed Convener of the Steering Committee on Constitutional Reform (SCCR).

According to GINA, Mr. Hughes is a leading attorney and campaigner for constitutional reform. Other members are Prof. Harold Lutchman, Mr. Haslyn Parris, Mrs. Geeta Chandan-Edmund and Mr. Gino Persaud.

“I am most pleased that Nigel Hughes has agreed kick start this stage to come up with modalities and timeframe for the actual reform process,” said Prime Minister Nagamootoo at a simple ceremony on Thursday, August 13 at the Office of the Prime Minister.

The SCCR will be tasked with the critical work of setting up the framework for a substantive Constitutional Reform Body which we envision will be broad-based and inclusive of all major stakeholders.

Prime Minister Nagamootoo made it clear that the Steering Committee would not undertake any change to the existing constitution but will mainly define the scope of the actual reform process and establish the terms of reference and mechanisms for consultation to establish a Constitutional Reform Commission.

The Steering Committee was announced in the presence of Vice President and Minister of Public Security, Mr. Khemraj Ramjattan, Attorney General Mr. Basil Williams, Minister of Governance Mr. Raphael Trotman and Minister of Social Cohesion and Government Chief Whip Ms. Amna Ally. The SCCR will have a four month lifespan, commencing on September 1st 2015.





  1. Thought there was a comprehensive reform of the 1980 constitution created by The Dictator Burnham.
    There we go again, tampering with a sacred document to suit the current administration. Make no mistake, they will remove the section which states that political parties must coalate before and not after an election. They know that they cannot defeat the PPPC under a fair and free election, hence they are preparing the ground for another coalition without having to declare their intention before the election is held. The PPPC would be stupid to support any initiative that will cement APNU/ PNC in power for another 28 years


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