Nigel Hughes must resign – PPP

Chairman of the AFC and Attorney - at - Law, Nigel Hughes
Chairman of the AFC and Attorney – at – Law, Nigel Hughes

[]The governing People’s Progressive Party (PPP) is calling for the resignation of Chairman of the minority opposition party _ the Alliance For Change (AFC) – Nigel Hughes, following the recent disclosure relating to the land being occupied by Mae’s Secondary School.

In a statement issued to the press on Sunday, February 9, the PPP said, “These allegations must not be taken lightly, and are to say the least, troubling and worrying to the public at large. The PPP is also appalled by the deafening silence of the Executive of the Alliance for Change on the continuous reports that its Chairman is involved in various forms of fraudulent activities, misconduct and improprieties.”

According to the PPP, “It is shameful, but telling that the AFC which preaches about good governance and accountability is failing miserably to reign in Hughes despite the scandals in which he is finding himself. The fact that these allegations continue to be made is cause for concern about the integrity of the Attorney at Law and his ethical standards, not only in the political realm, but when doing business.

“Apart from the allegations that he sold a property to a popular city school despite taking out a mortgage which he failed to pay, and the ongoing litigation on the matter, Hughes was involved in several other scandals.”

The Party recalled the allegations of conflict of interest when it was revealed that Hughes and his wife Cathy were in the employ of Sithe Global, the company which developed the Amaila Falls Hydro Project which the AFC rejected.

General Secretary of the PPP, Clement Rohee. [iNews' Photo]
General Secretary of the PPP, Clement Rohee. [iNews’ Photo]
“Hughes was also embroiled in another controversy surrounding his deliberate failure to disclose his relationship with the jury foreman in the Lusignan massacre trial whilst representing one of the accused.”

The PPP noted that they are aware of Hughes links to criminal elements and the underground.

“The party is aware of his links to prominent drug lords and criminals of this ilk and his bare faced representation of their interests in the courts when litigation is brought against them. The party recalls his involvement in the removal of footage from the gas station where a citizen was gunned down at Buxton.”

Hughes is currently engaged in a court battle in which the owner of Mae’s School, Mayfield French is alleging that he sold her a property despite taking out a mortgage which he failed to repay. Some 300 students are at risk as a result of the court battle.


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