Hype of AML Bill is created to deceive society – GTUC


[www.inewsguyana.com]The Guyana Trades Union Congress (GTUC) is of the view that the hype being created in relation to the amendments of the Anti – Money Laundering Bill is supported by an atmosphere of polarised negotiations to deceive the society and play the one-upmanship game.

In a statement issued on Sunday, the GTUC said, “society must call on those responsible to desist from fogging up the atmosphere which is impairing vision/judgment on the way forward. Level-headedness must prevail to proceed in order to arrive at a law which supports the spirit and intent of creating a law built on structures and rights established in the Guyana Constitution and international covenants.”

The Union noted that is concerned that society is being pushed towards hysteria and not rational and purposeful reasoning on the proposed amendments.

“The CFATF gave Guyana May 2014 to bring the laws and its practices in compliance. The May review deadline is what the society is encouraged to focus on. The FATF’s Plenary and Working Group meetings are being held in France from 9-14th February 2014. Ms. Gail Teixeira, Chair of the AML/CFT Special Select Committee reportedly said this of FATF- “They can proceed to automatically review us on February 13.”  There is no certainty in Ms. Teixeira’s statement but it needs to be reminded in November 2013 it was felt the Bill was dead after being voted down in the National Assembly; in February 2014 the Bill is before the Assembly. Thus, if the FATF happens to review Guyana’s efforts at compliance, it would take note that a Bill once considered dead is back on the table, attracting rigorous debates and scrutiny by the wider society to bring Guyana into compliance.”

The GTUC is urging that the Bill does not conflict with Guyana’s constitution.

“The present law requires amendment because it was rammed through the National Assembly with the support of some that has today placed us in an untenable position, causing external bodies to send Guyana back to the drawing board to ensure compliance with prescribed standards,” the GTUC noted.




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