NGSA top performers excited to begin new journey

L-R: Rovin Lall and Samuel Barkoye
L-R: Rovin Lall and Samuel Barkoye

It is a dream come true for Rovin Lall and Samuel Barkoye, who both emerged as the country’s top performers at this year’s the National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA).

They both attained 525 marks and will be attending Queen’s College.

Lall, of the Stella Maris Primary School, is excited to begin his new journey. In fact, he is happy his hard work has paid off. Speaking with INews, Lall explained that “it feels so good because I worked so hard.”

He noted that he revised every night in preparation for the exams. Equally excited was his mother, Indranie, who explained that “I am extremely excited. I wasn’t surprised. We had a really tight schedule, we worked nights, sometimes he cried…we did all revisions, early mornings and late nights. He was confident that he could have done it. ”

Lall says he wants to become a doctor, so that he can help persons who are sick.

Meanwhile, Barkoye, of the North Georgetown Primary School, says it has been his dream to attend Queen’s College. He said it is a “bonus” that he also emerged as one of the country’s top performer.

But it was no easy task. Barkoye said it took a lot of hard work, following a strict schedule to ensure he achieved his goals. However, he pointed out that he made time to have an “adequate amount of rest” so that he did not feel tired or fall asleep during the exams.

Barkoye wants to become an electrical engineer, because, that is his father’s current profession. Additionally, he told reporters that he has a love for technology.