NGSA top 10 students awarded

The top students sharing a photo moment with Education Officers following the award ceremony (MoE photo)

The students occupying the top 10 positions at this year’s National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) were awarded today (Wednesday) for their stellar performances at the examinations.

Delivering brief remarks at the ceremony, Minister of Education Priya Manickchand said that the occasion was another example of the Private Sector collaborating with the Public Sector, particularly in the area of education.

She posited that the occasion is one where corporate responsibility is exemplified and that it is hoped that other corporate entities can get onboard, according to the Ministry of Education.

The Minister noted that shortly, the Government will be giving each public school child $15,000 which she hopes will be used by parents and students to ensure they are prepared for not only learning during COVID-19, but after the pandemic comes to an end, because there will be some level of online teaching and learning that can take place.

Chief Education Officer, Dr. Marcel Hutson said that it is important to celebrate students and their achievements. However, he noted that we must not only celebrate the top students but also those students who achieved despite their circumstances.

He said that it is important when stakeholders work together to move the education sector forward and congratulated everyone that decided to work with the Ministry of Education in that regard.

Meanwhile, Marketing Assistant of SuperBet, Mr. Nickolai Primo said that the students are examples to all Guyanese of what can be achieved when persons work hard, remain dedicated and do their best. He congratulated the students and said that he hopes the incentive will serve as a stepping stone as they prepare for their future.

The students that tied for the top position, Samuel Barkoye and Rovin Lall each received a chair and desk combination from Fibre Tech Industrial Plastics, while SuperBet Guyana partnered with Metro Office and Computer Supplies to provide vouchers to the students for the purchasing of stationery.

The stationery vouchers provided by SuperBet Guyana are valued at $35, 000 for the two students sharing the top position while the students occupying the other positions received a voucher valued at $25, 000.

Minister Manickchand advised the students to use their vouchers wisely.