NGSA Results: Private Schools dominate Top 10


By Kurt Campbell

[] – Private Schools across Guyana have dominated the top ten spots of the 2014 National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) for which results were released today (Thursday, June 12).

Of the top ten spots, the only public school to secure a plug was the Winfer Gardens Primary School.

The New Guyana School copped the top spot, while others including School of the Nations, Westfield Prep, Success Elementary, Genesis Early Childhood and Mae’s Under 12 made its mark in this year’s results.

When asked about whether her Ministry was concerned about this trend and the possibility of parents neglecting the public education system, Education Minister Priya Manickchand responded in the negative.

She firstly congratulated all schools and in the same breath lauded the performance of all students, whether public or private.

She explained however, that if the passes were looked at in terms of percentage it would show that public schools did better. She also stated that there were students from private schools that did badly too.

Manickchand further explained that there are things that private institutions are allowed to do that the public system cannott, hence the ability to outperform the public system.

Education Minister, Priya Manickchand. [iNews' Photo]
Education Minister, Priya Manickchand. [iNews’ Photo]
“Private schools get to screen students, we don’t, we take all children, also if a student doesn’t perform, private schools ask them to leave, we persevere with all children… underperforming teachers are booted in the private system, we can’t do that with the same efficiency in public school,” Manickchand explained.

“I am happy that all the nation’s children get an opportunity to education and I see no conflict,” Chief Education Officer Olato Sam added even as he too congratulated all schools and students.

Jorrel De Santos, who attends the New Guyana School, is the Top Performer at the 2014 National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA). He secured a total of 533 out of 540 marks.

The Second spot was taken by, Aliah Mohamed from School of the Nations with 531 marks.

Third spot was taken by Ravi Singh with 530 marks from the Westfield Prep School, followed by Isaac Mallampatti with 527 marks from the New Guyana School.

AnaliseSamaroo from School of the Nations secured the fifth spot with 525 marks, while Krystal Singh from Success Elementary, Jeremiah Bentham from Winfer Gardens Primary and Jeron Boucher from the Genesis Early Childhood all tied with a total of 524 in the sixth spot.




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