New tourist facility opens in Berbice


With unique activities such as ziplining and features such as a petting zoo, a newly opened facility is hoping to dominate the local tourism industry and provide a higher level of service to Guyanese and foreigners.

Situated on 14 acres of land about 15 miles out of New Amsterdam, Gangoo Creek now has a serene resort-type facility to cater for wholesome family entertainment.

J&J Fun Park is owned by Guyanese Fitz Joseph.

Other activities guests can enjoy including fishing, volleyball, basketball, nature walks, birding, a visit to the local farm where they can indulge in fresh fruits.

There are also lots of activities for kids including a playground comprising of seesaws, trampolines and swings.

Looking ahead, J&J intends to make full use of a canal which cuts through the property to build a kissing bridge. Currently the facility only caters for day trips but guests can soon stay overnight as two apartments are being constructed.