New Amsterdam Hospital CEO fired

Dr Samantha Kennedy

The Chief Executive Officer of the New Amsterdam Hospital Dr Samantha Kennedy has been fired after just some three months in office. Dr Kennedy was appointed on November 5, 2018 but Wednesday was her last day on the job.

This was one move by the relevant officials to address concerns in the health sector in Berbice. The tenure of Dr Samantha Kennedy as CEO of the New Amsterdam Hospital lasted just 94 days.

Dr Samantha Kennedy

During that short period, she was the subject of much controversy and up to last month, a group of concerned persons were calling for her dismissal.

Shortly after her appointment, the CEO had triggered much outrage when she took six weeks annual leave just after two days on the job.

Several regional officials have also reported that it was difficult to meet with the CEO.

A report from the Region Six Regional Democratic Council revealed that Dr Kennedy had stopped doctors from being on call, a move which weakened the capacity of the New Amsterdam Hospital.

Addressing the RDC at its meeting today, Chairman of the Regional Health Committee Zamal Hussain said that the Permanent Secretary of the Public Health Ministry, Colette Adams has assured that the hospital will get a new CEO the soonest.

The move is being seen as a desperate one after several embarrassing reports about the Government failure to address the health sector. Several media reports have exposed what seems to be incompetence in the health sector.




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