2 friends feared dead after 1 ‘jumped’ to save another


Two friends are feared dead after one of them went to save the other who had fallen into the Essequibo River in the vicinity of Hogg Island on Tuesday last.

The two missing men have been identified as 50-year-old Ravie Chutie of Hogg Island and 56-year-old Ozard Russell of Aliki Essquibo River.

Based on reports received, the two men along with Janet Robinson, the reputed wife of Chutie were travelling along the Essequibo River in a wooden boat powered by a 15-Horse Power Engine when they came into contact with the rough waters.

This however, caused Chutie to lose balance and fell overboard and in a bid to save his friend’s life, Russel went after him but none of them resurfaced.

The boat reportedly drifted to the Hogg Island Foreshore where Robinson alerted persons. Without hesitation, a group of men went in search of the two men but came up empty handed. The police were contacted and based on reports received, the woman claimed that the two men were intoxicated since they drank a bottle of alcohol before they departed the Hubu Koker.

The bodies of the two men have not been recovered.


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