NCN puts FIFA pirates on alert


By Leroy Smith

[] – The first ball in the FIFA World Cup football games will be kicked off today and local exclusive broadcaster, National Communications Network (NCN) Inc. plans to spare no efforts and resources in legally dealing with those who are caught in the unauthorized airing of same.

FIFA (1)Chief Executive Officer of the Company, Molly Hassan during an interview with iNews stated that NCN has spent millions to secure the exclusive rights and as such, the Company must be allowed to see its returns.

She also confirmed that NCN received permission to sublet the games to two local companies to ensure wider viewership of the games. E Networks, a local cable company and Stabroek TV, a local satellite TV company have been afforded the rights to broadcast the games to their subscribers.

CEO of NCN, Molly Hassan
CEO of NCN, Molly Hassan

Hassan said that NCN will be monitoring the games throughout the country and any evidence that the games are being aired in open spaces without the permission of NCN would be documented and brought to the relevant bodies.

It was explained that entertainment centers and Sports Bars cannot announce in their commercials that persons should visit their establishment to view their games there.

Hassan also told iNews that in cases where the bar operators and Sport Bars are subscribed to either E Networks or Stabroek TV, they can only show the games indoors and if there are any plans to have it aired openly for the public or larger audiences, NCN must give the permission.




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