Essequibo residents vent frustration with Police to PCA Chairman

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[] – Several Essequibo residents have made complaints against the Police in ‘G’ Division to Chairman of the Police Complaints Authority (PCA) Cecil Kennard on Saturday (June, 7).

PoliceKennard, who visited the Region last Friday and Saturday, said he met with the public and took complaints in a confidential manner from several persons in connection to matters relating to problems with the Police in ‘G’ Division.

Chairman of the PCA, Justice Cecil Kennard
Chairman of the PCA, Justice Cecil Kennard

The Chairman on Saturday also met with Police Officers at the Richard Faikall Police Training College and addressed them on several matters.  He reminded them of the Force’s motto: Service and Protection.

Meanwhile, on Friday evening the PCA Chairman addressed the public in the Region via a live Television programme on RCA TV Channel 8. Mr Kennard he spoke on several matters currently engaging his department on police brutality and the use of excessive force.

The Chairman also spoke about the conduct of Police Officers to members of the public and domestic violence cases which the Police have a responsibility to prosecute.





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