Nat’l Data Management Authority to join E-Governance


Minister Harmon and General Manager, Godfrey Proctor. [Jules Gibson Photo]
Minister Harmon and General Manager, Godfrey Proctor. [Jules Gibson Photo]
[] – The government is working to incorporate the operations of the National Data Management Authority (NDMA) into its massive E-Governance operations.

According to a statement, on August 14, Minister of State Joseph Harmon was apprised of the operations of the unit during a visit to its University of Guyana Turkeyen location.

The Minister was informed of the NDMA’s mandate and as well as a number of challenges facing that authority. General Manager Godfrey Proctor informed the Minister that the NDMA has not had a Board appointed in over two decades, which has severely hampered the work of the authority.

According to the release, he also pointed out that NDMA, which was set up to do training for the public sector, has the capacity to do so. However the authority was underutilised for many years.

“Minister Harmon gave Mr. Proctor and the staff the assurances that government in its review of the Public Service ICT will restore the NDMA and similar bodies so that they can play a meaningful role in his administration’s E-Governance initiatives,” the release noted.

It was further noted that the minister surmised that the NDMA Act of 1983 provides the appropriate framework through which government can address the ICT needs of the public sector. In this regard he undertook to bring the NDMA and E-Government Project under a single administrative system. Minister Harmon further promised that a board of directors will be appointed to give guidance to the work of the NDMA.


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