National Conversation on a ‘clean Guyana’ begins  


By Tracey Khan – Drakes

DSCN1513[] The national conversation on a clean Guyana began today (June, 21), at the Sophia Exhibition site and saw stakeholders participating in the discussions to formulate an action plan to deal with solid waste management.

Minister of Natural Resources & the Environment Robert Persaud emphasized that creating a clean environment can only be done through collaboration; noting that Guyanese have to come together and tackle this “national embarrassment that is hurting the country’s image.”

He also spoke of the need for stakeholders to be aware of polices and initiatives that are already in place to avoid reinventing policies and build upon existing ones.

Persuad said there is political will, “the funds have been allocated and stakeholders need to make their efforts collectively in this regard,” he added. Minister Persaud highlighted the unethical practice by some who tried to bribe litter wardens; however a message was sent that this will not be tolerated with matters currently before the Court.

Meanwhile, Minister of Local Government Norman Whittaker said the $1 billion that was allocated to assist with the cleanup of the country has begun being implemented with a number areas countrywide targeted for cleanup.

He called on Guyanese to be a part of the solution in this regard. The Health Minister also pledged his Ministry’s support and said the garbage problem has contributed to many health related issues including the recent Chikunguna cases.

Stakeholders shared their expectations and pledged their support to rid Guyana of this garbage problem. 



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