“My character is impeccable” – Ramsammy jabs Nagamootoo to defend record

Former Agriculture Minister, Dr Leslie Ramsammy

By Jomo Paul

Agriculture Minister, Dr Leslie Ramsammy
Agriculture Minister, Dr Leslie Ramsammy

[www.inewsguyana.com] –Agriculture Minister, Dr Leslie Ramsammy says his record as a public servant can stand the test of scrutiny should it ever come under the spotlight.

Ramsammy made the remarks in the context that Prime Ministerial Candidate of A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance for Change (APNU/AFC) coalition, Moses Nagamootoo would be unable to have his record scrutinized.

“My character is impeccable” said Dr Ramsammy when asked whether he would be able to defend his record at a press conference held at Freedom House on Thursday, April 02.

This comes despite Dr Ramsammy being embroiled in a bitter scandal with convicted drug trafficker, Roger Khan.

While Dr Ramsammy was Minister of Health, a letter had surfaced with the ministry’s letter head and affixed with his signature that gave Khan the necessary permission from the government to purchase mobile interception devices that allowed Khan to wiretap phones.

Khan is suspected to have committed over 200 murders in Guyana before being arrested by US Federal Officials. When reminded of this incident, Dr Ramsammy said he had already refuted the allegations and would have nothing further to say about it.

“My hands are clean,” Dr Ramsammy maintained. He is challenging that Nagamootoo defend his record in public office pointing out several instances where it is being alleged that Nagamootoo misled the public.

Prime Ministerial Candidate for the APNU+AFC, Moses Nagamootoo
Prime Ministerial Candidate for the APNU+AFC, Moses Nagamootoo

According to the Minister, during Nagamootoo’s stint as a PPP/C Minister of Information, did accept a raise of pay and travelled business class on several occasions.

Dr Ramsammy also criticised Nagamootoo for stating that he was not an Indian national but rather a Guyanese.

Dr Ramsammy pointed out that Nagamootoo would have been the recipient of an international award in 2008 from the Global Organisation of the People of Indian Origin (GOPIO) and presented with a community award which is generally given to “People of Indian Origin” recognised for their work among the Diaspora.



  1. Is Ramsammy`s record really and truly impeccable?when,as Minister of Health,it is alleged,a letter had surfaced with the Minister`s signature affixed,that gave Roger Khan permission from the government to purchase mobile interception devices that allowed Khan to wiretap phones.It is also alleged,that Khan had committed over 200 murders in Guyana before being arrested by US Federal Officials.Presently Khan is in jail in the US.Is Ramsammy`s record “impeccable?“Guyanese Judge For Yourselves.

  2. Moses is done like dinner.
    This is the man who wanted to be President.
    He will never be allowed to cut even a ribbon.
    yes he will cut alright and I am not talking budget.
    He will cut and run comes May 11th.

  3. look naught..u know what is a phd??
    look now naught stop your trash ok..
    go give your donation to pnc…i bet you wont ha ha ha

  4. Naggamootoo seems like a child and he expressing it he is desperate and all his momentum got sucked up. His days in PNC or Is numbered APNU

  5. Ramsammy you actually got the gall to tell the Guyanese people that your hands are clean. Two words for you Ramsammy, you lying. Two more words for you. Roger khan

  6. You have to be a mad person. I prefer a man traveling first class a few times, accepting a raise in pay and being honest about his identity, after all Moses Nagamootoo is Guyanese to de bone. As for Ramsammy his association with a convicted murderer is far worst than what he is trying to taint Mr. Nagamootoo with. The only reason you would defend Ramsammy is because he is a PPP Minister, it matters NOT, what he did!

  7. nagamootoo is absolutely correct, he is not an indian national and he is guyanese!

    if ramsammy believes both he and nagamootoo are indeed indian nationals, he [ramsammy] should go and look for his name in the voters registry in india and then head to a polling boot and attempt to vote in an election. if he succeeded and was not jailed, he could then fly back to guyana and tell nagamootoo he too can vote in india.

    the ppp / government attracts these wack-jobs whether they be the common man on the street or someone with a phd.

  8. From the utterances of Jagdeo, Rohee and now Ramsammy, the PPP sounds like a bunch of hillbilly stand up comedians.


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