Murder rate up by 12%; robberies down by 8% – Police statistics


rob1[] – The Guyana Police Force on Friday June 12, released the statistics for crimes committed in the first five months of 2015 which indicate an increase in murders and a decrease in robberies in comparison to the same period for 2014.

According to the police statistics, “at the end of May 2015 the Guyana Police Force recorded a 10% increase in serious crimes in comparison to the same period in 2014.”

Among the serious crimes policed by the Force are murder, robbery under arms, robbery with violence, robbery with aggravation, larceny from the person, break and enter and larceny, burglary, rape, and kidnapping.

 “A total of 66 murders were recorded at the end of May 2015 in comparison to 59 murders at the end of May 2014, an increase of 12%,” the release stated.

However it should be noted that as of June 11, eight persons have been murdered.

Meanwhile, police say robbery under arms overall has decreased by 8% in comparison to the same period in 2014. “The statistics indicate a decrease of 9% in the number of armed robberies involving the use of firearms; and a 6% decrease in armed robberies where instruments other than firearms were used by the perpetrators.”

Up to May, the police has been able to intercept a total of 50 illegal firearms, comprising 31 pistols, 10 revolvers, 3 shotguns, 5 rifles and 1 pen-gun.

In the area of accidental deaths, police indicated that there has been 45 road fatalities from 36 accidents have been recorded at the end of May 2015, in comparison to 44 fatalities from 41 accidents for the same period in 2014. There have been decreases in all other categories of road accidents – serious, minor and damage. 

“Pedestrians have been the main category of road users affected so far in road fatalities with 16 such persons having lost their lives at the end of May 2015. In addition 4 pedal cyclists, 13 persons in motor vehicles, 4 motor cyclists and 8 drivers also lost their lives,” the report stated.



  1. Bibi well said,its only the little get rich quick fools are going to jail,A lot has to be done to reduce crime, Drugs has destroyed many friends and families, the big fish needs to be stopped ASAP. Thank you for your blog,,very true,

  2. Aggressive concentration should be focused on the high level drug and guns suppliers who are supplying these low level drug dealers who you see in the news daily. These low level drug dealers are getting their supplies from whom? That is where the concentration and efforts should be focused. These men do not own the boats, planes, the shipping companies in Guyana. If the focus is not on those who are supplying the dealers then the jail will be filled with only a certain ethnic group of individuals mainly. And of course, they want fast money, not educating themselves to do the right thing in life.
    It is time the drug and gun suppliers of Guyana are caught. These drug suppliers and big time dealers must be caught to stem the drug, guns and criminal element in Guyana. Remember Roger Khan using the African Guyanese to do his dirty tricks. Same is happening with the gun and drug industry in Guyana. Who are the suppliers?


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