Closure and transfer of dormant Bank accounts nothing new – PPP



money[] – The People’s Progressive Party/Civic says that the transfer of funds from dormant bank accounts to the consolidated fund is nothing new and is something that has been done for years.

PPP made the statement in response to reports in the media that the Finance Ministry had found close to $10B dollars in some dormant accounts which were transferred to the consolidated fun.

In the report, Finance Minister Winston Jordan admits that the monies could have been for fraudulent purposes but did not state that this was the case.

However a PPP statement says that “as far back as 2010 and as recently as 2014, the Government has been closing dormant bank accounts and transferring balances to the consolidated fund. In fact, in the Auditor General’s report for 2012 which was tabled in the National Assembly, the fact that Government had closed over 100 bank accounts was publicly acknowledged and reported.”

The PPP pointed out that when this task was undertaken there was some amount of criticism for the then PPP/C administration, but surprisingly such condemnations are not being meted out to the APNU+AFC administration.

“In fact, what is particularly interesting is that at the time that the PPP/C Government did this, incidentally in response to a recommendation by the Auditor General, there was a great outcry, by self-appointed commentators like Christopher Ram and Anand Goolsarran suggesting that there was somehow something wrong with what the then Government was doing. Unsurprisingly, one cannot hear a single whimper from these self-appointed commentators when the de facto APNU/AFC continues this same exercise commenced by the PPP/C in Government,” the release stated.



  1. If the PPP/C were conducting the Guyanese Business with Integrity, Dignity and Pride, no one would have had to Condemn and think that they were up to illicit or underhand dealings. The people of Guyana have taken off their BLINDERS. It’s painful to think how INGRAINED it seems that the PPP/C believes that Guyana belongs to them and they have the right to Rule. This is evident in their refusal (Childish) to attend the opening of parliament saying they will attend when they are ready. What sort of leadership example is that ?

  2. The PPP, then PPP/C, have always been on the receiving end of all forms of criticisms, some justified but most, unwarranted despite the undisputed fact that it is the ONLY political party that can show tangible economic progress in every session of it being in office. Can anyone say that about the PNC, PNCR, PNCR1G? That political party, call it by whatever name you like, has absolutely nothing to show the Guyanese people of its achievement despite being in power for almost thirty years. Any little physical structure they may have to show is wiped out by MASS EXODUS to USA and Canada mainly as well as many small islands in the Caribbean, Brazil and other countries in South America. Guyanese were the laughed at, ridiculed everywhere they went until democracy was restored after the 1992 elections.
    The PNC now within APNU/AFC, now has the opportunity to redeem itself and leave a legacy worthy of praise. DO IT NOW Mr Granger and stop the witch hunting.

  3. @Balramsingh!! In life we all CAN ASSUME,WE ALL IN LIFE HAS TO BE “PROVEN UNTIL GUILTY” Seems you are a pretty frustrated person walking around,First,lets have proof,THEN AFTER,YOU CAN SET SAIL TO HUFF N PUFF LOLZ!!

  4. the thieving ppp are such liars. they know all their criminal activities will be out in the public domain that’s why they were left shell shocked that the lost the election. they had set up many accounts so they can do illegal acts with the people’s monies. they had a parallel treasury going. they know their lies won’t cover this stuff up any longer.
    good riddance to the thieves. lock up those criminal elements, they are leach on society.

  5. The
    poopy party braindead cabal, puts hoof in mouth again.Since you are so sincere, could you please enlightened us all as to ::-
    1/ How much is the amount that the Poopy party transferred into the Consolidated fund and when.
    2/How many accounts were closed during the tranfer period, and where were those accounts held before you closed them.
    3/Why did you wait until now to disclose this very important piece of forensic information.
    Finally is it true or just another one of your “nancy stories.”??If it is true, prove it!


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