Mother pleads for help after mentally-ill son shot, beaten

Michael Shepherd

A 27-year-old man, who is said to be mentally-ill, was on Wednesday shot and beaten by a group of men.

Michael Shepherd, of Leopold Street, Werk-en-Rust, Georgetown was reportedly attacked after he destroyed a quantity of items that belonged to one of the suspects.

The man’s mother, Abiola Shepherd told INews that on the day in question, she received a call from someone who informed her of what her son had done. Shortly after, she received a second call informing her that her son was beaten and shot.

The older Shepherd said she immediately made her way down to her son’s location, where she found him son lying in a pool of blood. Abiola said she was told that five persons committed the act.

“He [my son] is not in his sound mind, we went all over to get help for him, and is bare turn down. We went all to the police to render him assistance, so that he can receive medical attention, and they turn we down…”.

Abiola said after realizing her son was shot, she quickly rushed him to the Georgetown Public Hospital where he was awaiting medical attention.

The woman said she left him there for a short period and went home to get something to eat, when she saw him “pull up in a taxi”.

“I ask him why he come away, you have a bullet in your foot, and he said he is gonna go back in his own time,” Abiola told this publication.

The woman said since her son returned home, she has been running to the police, begging for them to help her take her son to the hospital, since she is unable to control him in his unsound state of mind.

“After running from station to station, they final sent a vehicle with me, and all they did was come and talk to him and nobody render me assistance,” she explained.

The mother said she does not know who shot her son. However, she said her son knows the perpetrators, but he is unwilling to share that information since he is fearful.

No official report was made at the Police Station in the vicinity, but a statement was given at the Police Outpost at the Georgetown Hospital.

The woman is pleading for help from those in high authorities.

In July, a mentally-ill man burned down the house within which he lived with several other family members. His mother had told this publication that she has been trying to receive assistance from the authorities in taking care of her mentally-ill son but to no avail.