Mother of sexually molested 3-yr-old girl charged with ‘wilful neglect’


The three-year-old child who was sexually molested almost two weeks ago is recovering slowly and is now in the care of her aunt.

Meanwhile, her mother who was charged  with “wilful neglect” at the Springlands Magistrate’s Court is said to be out on bail.

Commander of Police‘B’ Division, Ian Amsterdam, told INews today that investigations into the matter are ongoing and it is yet to be determined who sexually molested the young girl.

investigationAmsterdam stated that the child was immediately taken out of the environment where the act is said to have occurred and with the intervention of the Child Protection Agency she is now in the custody of her aunt.

 Reports are that between June 18 and June 19, the little girl’s mother had gone on a drinking spree and when she returned home later in the night she retired to bed with her five children.

Hours later the mother awoke and discovered that her three-year-old was missing from their bed and upon checking she found the child on the floor of the house bleeding profusely from the vagina.

 The matter was immediately reported to the police and the child rushed to the hospital where she was admitted for some days.

The mother and her ‘boyfriend’ were taken into police custody when investigations commenced.


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