–  father continues search for 14-yr-old daughter who ran away on four previous occasions

After running away on four previous occasions, 14-year-old Chandrawattie Dindial of  West Minster village, West Bank Demerara has gone missing again.

Reports are that on Friday last, the 14-year-old’s parents left her home alone as they went to work. However, when they returned, she was nowhere to be found.

MISSING: Chandrawattie Dindial
MISSING: Chandrawattie Dindial

Her father Ramlakhan Dindial, who visited INews today,  said when he asked around for his daughter, neighbours told him that she was last seen on the verandah of the home at 12:00hrs that day.

He relayed that when she did not return home after 24 hours, a report was lodged at the Brickdam Police Station and he was then referred to the Criminal Investigation Department of the La Grange Police Station, where the girl’s alleged boyfriend (who hails from Grove, East Bank Demerara) was brought into custody due to the knowledge that when she went missing on previous occasions, she was with him.

While initially denying having contact with the teen, the boyfriend (name withheld) eventually informed the Police that he had spent some time with her on Friday last, after which he gave her $200 and placed her in a route 42 bus. He refuted claims of him being aware of her location after this.

The distraught father is of the view that even the Police seem to be giving him a royal run-around, as he is ‘back and forth’ with no  results forthcoming about his missing daughter. The man said since his daughter went missing his wife has taken it on and virtually stopped eating.

Dindial is pleading that if any member of the public has any information on the whereabouts of Chandrawattie Dindial, that they report it to the nearest police station or contact him on telephone numbers 592-691-5622  or 592-680-6747.


  1. This calls for the intervention of Human Services. Either the girl is running from some unpleasant situation at home or something is wrong with the way she was raised.
    Could be that she is allowed to do as she pleases or maybe a proper example was not set by someone.These things tend to come back to haunt you then you wonder how your offspring got this way.

  2. She wants her own way.If she returns prepare for a repeat.Sorry to say.. But she seem to love the road more than her parents. If something serious really happen to her even the cops will not turn a deaf ear. Marrying her out might be the best solution. That’s the reality.


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