Mother alleges continuous rape of mentally unstable daughter


rape[] – A mother of Richmond Housing scheme, Essequibo Coast is calling on the authorities to intervene and prevent the constant sexual attack on her 28 – year – old mentally unstable daughter.

The distraught mother, who spoke to the media on Monday, November 16, 2015, related that she is “heartbroken” at what is happening to her only child.

The woman, who broke down in tears while relating her story, alleged that her daughter is constantly attacked and brutally raped by a man who lives a short distance from her. She said the man is married, has a wife and children.

According to the mother, the recent attack occurred on the evening of Thursday, November 12; she said she cannot sleep in her house because the attacker has threatened her.

She explained that her daughter was left in a room during the course of the night and when she [the mother] returned home Friday morning, she found her in a “helpless condition, lying on her belly unable to move.”

The mother said that despite putting steel bars across the windows in her house to keep the attacker out, he still managed to get in by removing some boards from near the ceiling of her flat house.

The woman related that several reports were made to the Anna Regina Police Station and that the man was arrested and charged but he is somehow not in prison.

She alleged that the sexual abuse constantly occurs and one night, she even came face to face with the suspect in her house. She alleged that she too was raped by the man.

The woman expressed fear for her life and that of her daughter and is calling on the Ministries of National Security and Social Protection to come to her rescue.



  1. I strongly condemn these inappropriate and criminal behavior.In the first instant this mom should have gather all her strength and try to protect her child at all cost.Certainly.Somebody or a church organisation would have been willing to offer their assistance in protecting the child. Why wait this long if you desperatly needed help.?Often we take too much for granted .

  2. At least she is brave to report this demon now he must be put in bars and tell his side to the judge before he tries to attack this mom and daughter in the mean while protection must be granted now guyana needs tougher laws this accused must go to jail ten years

  3. What happen Mr. Ramjattan take the necessary action against your professional police force, you is the man who will not take nonsense from anyone

  4. haha am i seeing right? the mother said she was raped by the accused also… i assume these victims likes whats going on but then call it a rape case after their deal went wrong.

  5. when we allow these atrocity to go on unabated our entire nation will suffer because someone will meet out justice at the same hour he like to operate and that will be the signal of anarchy because everyone will start to take matter into there own hand our leader need to be decisive and in a very vocal and public way to send a message to these predators

  6. Mother alleges continuous rape of mentally unstable daughter.

    The woman expressed fear for her life and that of her daughter and is calling on the Ministries of National Security and Social Protection to come to her rescue.

    Does Guyana have a national security minister?
    Duh cack eye bana she talking bout?
    Ow lady you cant get justice for self and daughter because that security man is very much afraid of some people in the party he joined

  7. Why can’t this woman get some justice. Where is the help. Somebody better give her a gun let she blow his Fing brains OUT.


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