More than 24 hours later, Dynamic Airways flight still delayed



By Tracey Khan – Drakes

Captain Gerald Gouveia.
Captain Gerald Gouveia.

[] – Delayed passengers in New York on Dynamic Airways will depart the John F Kennedy International Airport this evening (Sunday, November 30) at 10:30 hours, according to the airline’s representative, Gerry Gouveia.

The passengers have been delayed at the airport yesterday at around 9:30 hours after the aircraft experienced mechanical problems; however those residing outside of New York were placed in hotels at the cost of the airline, Gouveia explained.

He told iNews that the aircraft encountered mechanical problems which were compounded by bad weather. Gouveia stressed that the safety of passengers is priority for the airline, as he noted that the pilots refused to fly under certain weather conditions.

He also reiterated the airline’s commitment to Guyana’s market and noted that they will continue to work to bring the best service to the people.Dynamic

With one of the airline’s aircraft stuck in New York, passengers in Guyana too are experiencing delays.

Prior to yesterday’s delays, lines were long at the JFK airport with over 150 angry passengers following on Thursday and Friday. The flight was more than 10 hours late on Friday.

After the airline was forced to suspend its operations due to approval issues with US authorities earlier in the year, promises of a better service was made by the US based carrier which begun its operations on November 22. However, the delays continue.




  1. I’m still waiting for my refund when I travelled in June 2014. The CEO (GREG) came to the airport after a 12 hrs delayed and promised everyone a refund and $200 voucher. still didn’t get a nothing.

  2. Weather had nothing to do with the delay. Mr Gouveia is telling more lies. He think guyanese don’t have family members who work at JFK.


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