More than 1200 families benefit from Lust-en-Rust One Stop Shop


one stop 2[]The Ministry of Housing One Stop Shop continued on Saturday (October 26) at Lust – en- Rust, Region Three when more than 1200 families pulled their house lot numbers.

The event which was held at the West Demerara Secondary School, Pouderoyen, West Bank Demerara was held under the theme “Live the Guyanese Dream- Home ownership made easier.”

Beneficiaries received subsidised lots from as low as $92,000, $200,000 and $300, 000. Present at the event was Minister of Housing and Water Irfaan Ali who highlighted that the scheme has been subsidised by the Government as $639,000 has been invested in families who received lots in that area.

“The total investment in this area amounted to $800M; the Government would have invested close to $200,000 on behalf of every person in your family, this is an overall subsidy of 75% and this is what we did on your behalf so that all of our people will be able to access this most important service,” Minister Ali said.

Almost half of a billion dollars has been invested in the development of this scheme, which has an infrastructure completion rate of 30 percent. Overall 5,000 people will benefit from the house lots in Lust-en-Rust.

The Ministry has established partnerships with hardware stores, private developers, poor homes, banks and construction companies to aid the allottees in having these services at a cut price.



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