More foreigners denied entry into Guyana; Govt looking to tighten policy

Minister of Citizenship, Winston Felix

By Jomo Paul

Minister of Citizenship, Winston Felix
Minister of Citizenship, Winston Felix

[] – Minister of Citizenship, Winston Felix has revealed that more foreigners have been denied entry into Guyana over the past week as the government continues to crackdown on illegal entry.

Felix made the disclosure on Friday, September 25, where he stated that from all indications, it would appear that Guyana is being used as a “conduit country” for person to gain illegal entry into other nations.

“On the 23 [September], we had about seven Haitians arriving, they were refused entry because they had insufficient funds. They said they wanted to stay for two weeks but I don’t know how they could do it when the highest amount of money any of them had was US$200,” Felix told a news conference.

In addition to lacking enough funds, the travelers did not have a Guyana visa, hence more reason for them to be denied entry. The Minister also pointed to a similar case in the past weeks involving some nationals of the Dominican Republic. Not only did they lack sufficient funds, but Felix noted that they wanted to stay at the Princess Ramada Hotel.

Going further, the Minister noted that a Syrian was allowed into Guyana but eventually made his way into St Kitts and Montserrat and was subsequently deported by authorities from the CARICOM nation back to Guyana.

“A number of people seem to want to use Guyana like a conduit towards wanting to getting to other countries through illegal means,” said Felix.

In this regard, the Government will be looking to enhance its screening process at Guyana’s borders.

“So we have to tighten up our watch at the ports to ensure that we do not allow our country to be misused,” he stated.



  1. We should deport all them who think they are not Guyanese, the (curry mouth )who always shouting RACE,,,Should this administration be as lawless as the previous NO, allowing everybody to come in and do what ever they feel like even illiterate our own ppl, go on regent street and see how the store owners treat them hard working boys and girls,take a look at the China lot they are worse. Now you have the progress haters and can’t help fools trying to down play and smoke screen everything, it’s expected,,,,5 yrs,,,to GO

  2. Facts. I am a dr. Working at gphc 3 times i went to the airport to uplift friends & family coming from cuba and was told that the people were denied entry with no reason given. Immigration has more than often abused its authority.

  3. It is not a joke, you should know exactly what you are talking about. As a matter of all ABC countries are doing the same. Entering a country requires proof of entry, namely passport, visa ,a return ticket and more than enough money to show you can take care of your self while in the country. So James S you need to know what you are talking about . And of course there is nothing funny about what Winston Felix is doing and it is constructive. Just make a comment that make sense. Guyana is no longer a dumping ground.

  4. Shouldn’t the airlines who bring these people in have some responsibility? For those who come in overland then the Border Entry points have to be very vigilant. It’s not that these illegals are here to live and work and pay taxes, it’s that they are using Guyana as a spring board, and that’s very disrespectful.

  5. Guyana is refusing tourists? What a joke!! Winston Felix needs to do something more constructive with his position.


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