Mon Repos man jumps to death

Dead: Alberto De Jesus

…controversy swirls as wife, children allegedly being prevented from attending funeral

Dead: Alberto De Jesus

A Fifth Street, Mon Repos, East Coast Demerara resident died after he jumped over the seawall in the village.

Dead is Alberto De Jesus, 30.

Relatives told INews, that the father of two children began acting in a strange manner last Thursday before running to the seawall and jumping over.

His wife, Felisha Ramzan, told this publication that on the morning of the incident, her husband started acting in a “weird” manner and she told him she would take him to the hospital because something seemed amiss.

“He started talking to himself and so I’ve never seen him behave like this so I told him to get dressed, I’m taking him to the hospital,” she said.

Ramzan added that as they were ready to go to the hospital, she left her husband standing at the gate and returned inside to close a door, and when she returned she noticed him running toward the seawall.

“I see him running and I started to scream and all the neighbours came out and started running behind him but he jumped over. I see he went down like three times,” the distraught woman said.

She related that police were immediately called to the scene and boatmen working nearby took him out of the water and made unsuccessful efforts to revive him.

The woman further said that a post-mortem examination was performed and revealed that he died from drowning.

However, the woman told this publication that in her grief, more worries have been piled on as her husband’s body was removed without her consent and knowledge. She said that after probing as to who collected her husband’s body she was told that his mother went and claimed the body.

She claimed that as a result of this, she and her children were banned by her husband’s family from going to his funeral. The grieving widow said that her children will not be able to see their father one last time, adding that it is causing her much distress.






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