“Mistakenly reported” – Gov’t says no extension given to Bai Shan Lin

Bai - Shan - Lin log yard.
Bai - Shan - Lin log yard.
Bai – Shan – Lin log yard.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The Department of Natural Resources says that the Guyana Government has not taken a decision to grant Chinese Logging conglomerate – Bai Shan Lin – an extension to its logging contract.

This comes after reports surfaced in the media that the company was granted a two year extension to fulfill its obligations and also permission to continue the export of logs as normal.

A Government release stated that both reports are inaccurate and not factual.

“By way of clarification, the Department of Natural Resources & Environment would like to inform the public that it has not granted the company a two year extension as mistakenly reported in the media,” the release stated.

It was clarified that that the reference to “two years” made by the Minister of Governance, Raphael Trotman was merely to make the public aware that a two-year extension was being sought by the Company.

“The Department has not considered the request and has requested information from the company about its proposed business plan and evidence of financing. It is only upon receipt of those documents that such an application can be objectively scrutinized and a decision made about the future of the Company’s operations in Guyana.”

With regard to the valid concerns about the export of logs, the Natural Resources department noted that the Company has not shipped logs in several months following an earlier restriction placed on exports.

However, it was noted that a large quantity of locust logs remain in a holding area and their quality is rapidly degrading.

“While it is expected that a sizeable quantity will be released into the local market for use by furniture manufacturers, it is anticipated that a surplus will remain and this will either be allowed to depreciate further, or have to be exported.”



  1. rest uself Mervin… dem ah test de waters to find out public opinion…. coming out from one blunder to the next…. want to see who gun seh what… u fallin fuh dat horse manure ? Come on u smarter than dat …. stop being an apologist …. !!!

  2. “they have asked for two years and we have had discussions with them about an alternative mill and that is on board” .English Language what that dos that mean.

  3. What a way to do business with an international company! Doesn’t encourage other international companies to invest or do business in Guyana under this administration.This is nothing more than political spite all because that company’s association with the last administration. It is economic stupidity and short shortsightedness.

  4. KN, November 14, 2015: Trotman said, “In terms of Bai Shan Lin, we had met with them on successive occasions and we have had discussions with other foreign companies that have been in the forestry sector. Bai Shan Lin, as we know, and I don’t think it’s a secret, has not complied in its entirety. I have met with representatives of the China Development Bank who, of course, are financing Bai Shan Lin.
    “I am led to believe that the company itself is in the process of restructuring. Then it will reengage with the government, but as for now there has been a pause because there has been a process of restructuring its corporate activities and seeking new financing from China Development Bank.”
    The Governance Minister also said that when he last spoke with the company (and this was three weeks ago), he was informed that the Chinese logging company was in no position to have the mills that it said it would have imported within the next ten months.
    As a result of this sad situation for the company he said, “They have asked for two years and we have had discussions with them about an alternative mill and that is on board. But as I said, much depends on Bai Shan Lin securing the financing.”


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