Miss India Guyana delegates encouraged to become role models

Miss India Guyana delegates encouraged to become role models
Mrs Sita Nagamootoo, wife of Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo with the Miss India Guyana delegates

The 10 young ladies vying for the Miss India Guyana title, were on Friday encouraged to not only carry their appearance and behaviour the way that they wish persons to perceive them,  but to establish themselves as  role models.

Mrs Sita Nagamootoo, wife of Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo said that she expects the delegates to be well rounded individuals who are knowledgeable about the issues affecting the country, and would have solutions to improve them.

“You would like to be a queen so you need to be well-rounded, and you also need to prepare yourself to know what is going on in your neighbourhood, environment and country. You also need to know your leaders and the standing of the country to come up with a solution to improve the situation in Guyana, maybe to help the children or to help the elderly to make your community more presentable,” Mrs. Nagamootoo urged the delegates.

Nine of the 10 delegates introduced themselves to Mrs Nagamootoo during a visit at the Prime Minister’s official residence, Main Street.

It was highlighted that the delegates need to be confident in their platform that they will be presenting, especially in the actions that they need to take to achieve their goals.

Mrs.  Nagamootoo told the delegates that they also need to be precise in the platform that they chose to stand for, especially when it can be used in the future.

The Miss India Guyana pageant will be held on May 19 at the Marriott Hotel in Kingston. The grand finale will have the presence of international models and reigning Miss India Worldwide, Karina Kholi among others.

The ten beauties contending for the Miss India Guyana Crown are : Cynthia Dookie, Sangeeta Bahadur, Alecia Jiwanram, Shoshanna Ramdeen, Divya Singh, Karishma Makwana, Samantha Chunilall, Rajnie Shiwpal, Sarah Rajkaran, and Ash Ramnauth.

Last month, the delegates were officially introduced to the public in a sashing ceremony held at the Indian Monument Gardens. It was highlighted that the Miss India Guyana Organisation received a total of 30 applications and those accepted underwent a two-month training and prejudging.



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