Ministry hires Community Coordinator for cleanup campaign


Mr. McKenzie [in light green shirt] interacting with residents of B Field, Sophia.
Mr. McKenzie [in light green shirt] interacting with residents of B Field, Sophia.
[] – The overwhelming support to the clean-up campaign has prompted David Patterson, the Public Infrastructure Minister, to identify a Community Coordinator to liaise with communities to remove the debris/garbage.

Neilson McKenzie, who has been actively involved in education, agriculture and community development for over 35 years, was busy making arrangements to have trucks remove rubbish and debris from B Field Sophia and in the South and East Ruimveldt areas on Wednesday, June 17.

“From my interactions with the residents it appears that this Saturday and Sunday will be hectic. Residents in these areas have indicated that they will continue with their massive cleanup exercises but they need assistance with the removal of dirt/garbage,” Mr. McKenzie stated.

A canal partially cleaned by the residents in B Field Sophia.
A canal partially cleaned by the residents in B Field Sophia.

Jamal Daley and Colin Corbon, two young residents from B Field Sophia, are enthusiastic with the initiative and have already arranged a team of young men to come out this week-end to continue the cleanup exercise. Similar arrangements are in place for the Ramsingh Street, B Field Sophia.

According to Mr. McKenzie, assistance is readily available to communities in disposing their rubbish. The hotline to call for help is 223-1844.

The appointment of the Community Coordinator, Minister Patterson explained, is to “have a face to the initiative.”

“We can’t have a hotline and not have a central person to conduct follow-ups and action work. The Coordinator will now be responsible for that,” he said.

The Ministries of Public Infrastructure and Communities along with National Drainage and Irrigation Authority (NDIA) and the Mayor and City Council (M&CC) are providing the equipment for the project.

Further, Minister Patterson expressed his appreciation and thanks to members of the communities who have participated in cleanup exercise.

He is optimistic that that Mr. McKenzie, a true consummate professional, will get the job done.

“Mr. McKenzie has served in senior capacities in the private sector, and as a Project Manager on a European Union (EU) sponsored programme. He is also actively involved in both community and farmers’ development in Regions Four and Five,” added Minister Patterson.


  1. I would like to see Albouystown and La Penitence cleaned up and have the sewer systems working in Albouystown. Also, we are paying water rates and you do not get water in La Penitence. There is a lot to be done in this area. The Mayor have neglected this area for all these years. This is supposed to be the greater Georgetown. I don’t know who to talk to about tenants who don’t pay rent and there is nothing the landlord can do about it. Landlords have to do repairs when tenants damage their property. Where would the money come from. Things are very expensive in Guyana. The lawyers charge so much to do a case and the tenants go away with the money. I think this is to be addressed by our new Government. Ido hope that things will get better for us.


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