Accountant gunned down in home

Dead: Jason Cort

By Leroy Smith

Dead: Jason Kurt
Dead: Jason Cort

[] – Twenty – seven – year old Jason Cort of Jamoon Drive, Meadow Brook Gardens was gunned down in his home on Wednesday night (June 17), shortly after returning from an outing with his girlfriend.

The murder of Cort, an Accountant of the Rubis Gas Station at Providence, occurred at approximately 22:30 hrs. iNews understands that upon arriving home, the man’s girlfriend went upstairs in the house, while he remained on the lower flat.

The woman then reportedly heard a loud explosion and immediately began calling out to Cort but got no response. According to information reaching iNews, being afraid to venture downstairs, she telephoned a close friend and asked the person to come and check on Cort after relating what she heard.

iNews was reliably informed that when the friend arrived, it was observed that the accountant was on the floor with a gunshot wound to the chest. He was immediately rushed to the Balwant Singh’s Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Persons in the area reported to the police that they did see someone scaling the fence after the loud explosion. The girlfriend also reported to the police that Nintendo game and the man’s mobile phone was missing.

The accountant is said to be a licensed firearm holder but police found no evidence to suggest that he had a chance to use his weapon, which was also stolen. The investigators did however recover a spent shell from a 9mm pistol.

Crime Chief Wendel Blanhum confirmed that the incident did take place and the police are looking for a suspect. The accountant’s girlfriend is also being questioned in relation to the incident.



  1. Colin you post your stuff because you support propoganda. Anyway, she is the fiance, the mother of his son and was in the middle of planning a wedding. Then, you are implying that she not too smart because if she was married to him, there would be more to gain.Good luck to you and the upcoming civil law suit.
    Sharon Rodrigues, PHD (c).


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