Minister Ali markets Guyana’s tourism in Spain

Minister Irfaan Ali (R) greets UNWTO Secretary General (L)
Minister Irfaan Ali (R) greets UNWTO Secretary General (L)
Minister Irfaan Ali (R) greets UNWTO Secretary General (L)

[]Minister of Tourism, Industry and Commerce, Irfaan Ali is currently in Spain seeking support for the further development of Guyana’s tourism product.

Minister Ali delivered a presentation on investment opportunities and highlighted ways in which Guyana, through collaboration, could reach into non-traditional tourism markets.

He noted that the arrival of COPA Airlines in Guyana brings the possibility of reaching the exciting markets of Latin America and South America, much closer.

Ali also addressed the issue of climate change and pointed to the devastating effects it can have on the economies and people of small island developing states.

In this regard, he called on the Secretary General of the United

Nations World Trade Organisation (UNWTO), Taleb Rifai to push the developing world to understand the serious consequences climate change can have on the tourism sector and to become an active voice for small island developing states.

During his visit to UNWTO the Minister was invited to have Guyana become a member of the grouping.

Meanwhile, the UNWTO’s Secretary General, emphasized the important role tourism is playing globally, with the sector contributing 9% to global Gross Domestic Product (GDP).  



  1. Before you encourage other countries to come to Guyana, you need to discipline your Police Force to show respect for visitors. They cannot be allowed to stop people at will and try to extort monies from them. This has become a frequent problem. Although, Mr. James Bond believes it is a “good thing to give them a hand up” it is a BLACK STAIN on your government for them to engage in this type of behavior.


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