Mentally ill man assaults mother, accuses her of sexual assault


Timothy Johnson appeared twice before City Magistrate Dylan Bess before a decision was made by the Court not to charge the accused due to his apparent state of unsound mind.

Johnson commenced his rambling by accusing his wheelchair-ridden mother of touching him inappropriately and justifying his actions of hitting her to “get the demon out” when he was called to stand before Magistrate Bess.

The court did not read the alleged charge to the accused, who clearly lacked the capacity to form the intent to commit and bear the responsibility of his actions.

The frustrated mother told the court that she has “tried” with her son and took him to see a doctor in an attempt to get him better. She alleged that on the day of the incident, her son woke her at 05:00 hrs, demanding his tea when she told him that it was too early. He reportedly became outraged and cut her with a “glass” to the neck and chest.

According to the woman, she was not aware that she suffered injuries until her daughter raised an alarm, indicating that she was bleeding profusely from the wounds inflicted.

The Magistrate told the woman that the defendant’s actions are caused by his ill mental health and the protection orders which she sought might just not be enough to afford her protection from her son, while noting that such cases of suspected mental illnesses are subjected to evaluations before they can be charged with criminal offences or otherwise.

Mother Johnson pleaded for her son to be locked away for her safety and that of other members of the family and society at large, fearing that once released from the mental ward at the Georgetown Public Hospital he would return home to continue to harass her.

The Magistrate agreed that the local hospital does not have the capacity to accommodate and treat such persons on a long-term basis.

In the circumstances, Johnson will return to court on Friday for further deliberation.



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